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Adriann Ranta @AdriannRanta · Sep 8

The genius and success of 'Get Out' inspires UCLA course on racism and horror


Adriann Ranta @AdriannRanta · Jul 11

Love the vocab used by musicians about music, making it, instruments, sounds, etc. Would love a book (fic/nonfic) in this space #MSWL

Adriann Ranta @AdriannRanta · Apr 21

Every editor wants a love story rn. Query me with yours! #MSWL

Adriann Ranta @AdriannRanta · Jun 6 2016

Female war correspondent Martha Gellhorn has made it to Normandy beaches after smuggling herself on a hospital ship.


Adriann Ranta @AdriannRanta · Mar 16 2016

Can't stop thinking about The Witch. I'd love a meticulously researched, historically accurate YA ghost/witch story w *intense* dread #mswl

Adriann Ranta @AdriannRanta · Feb 29 2016

A young adult reboot of that amazing Sandra Bullock 90s movie Love Potion No. 9, romance with some fun science lab setting #mswl