Danielle Egan-Miller


Literary Agent @ Browne & Miller Literary Associates; wife, mom, gardener, Scottie lover, Dead Head, intrepid reader

Hinsdale, IL

Browne & Miller Literary Associates

Danielle Egan-Miller @Daninoel25 · 13 Sep 2016

Remember how you felt watching True Detective Season 1? That's what I'm craving in book form. Dark.Southern.Complicated.Crime. #MSWL

Danielle Egan-Miller @Daninoel25 · 2 Jul 2016

Southern-set literary procedural/psychological thriller. And dark. Contemporary or historical. #MSWL

Danielle Egan-Miller @Daninoel25 · 7 Apr 2016

Looking for historical romance that will rock my world in a Jamie & Claire way. #MSWL

Danielle Egan-Miller @Daninoel25 · 21 Feb 2016

Looking for a "mom saves her family after a disaster" kind of novel #MSWL