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Assistant Editor at @vikingchildrens , Penguin Random House. Indian-American. Expert slice-and-bake cookie maker. Amateur soccer player. Opinions are my own.

New York, USA

Viking Children's

Aneeka Kalia @neeks_kalia12 · 17 Nov 2019

Would love to see more inter-generational stories from non-western cultures for the PB space in my inbox! Grandparents and grandchildren, aunts/uncles and nieces/nephews, etc. taking part in family or broader cultural traditions! #mswl

Aneeka Kalia @neeks_kalia12 · 27 Apr 2019

Started watching @netflix Street Food documentary series and now I really want a picture book about chaat and other street foods around the world #MSWL

Aneeka Kalia @neeks_kalia12 · 13 Feb 2019

I’m looking for female and/or gender non-conforming, children’s graphic novel creators to collab with on a book about puberty and body positivity! #MSWL

Aneeka Kalia @neeks_kalia12 · 12 Feb 2019

[2/2] I want books that encourage kids, especially girls, to speak up when something isn’t pleasurable and learn about their bodies to find out what does feel good. If you haven’t watched this show, run don’t walk to your TV @netflix @sexeducation #MSWL

Aneeka Kalia @neeks_kalia12 · 12 Feb 2019

[1/2] I watched @sexeducation on @netflix and I’m in love with how tender, funny, and nuanced this show is. I want to see a YA novel with a premise like this. #MSWL