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Kelsy @kelsythompson · Jan 16

Kelsy @kelsythompson

Hey #WritingCommunity, if I missed your #iswgpit and you think your project might be a good fit, or if you're simply in the #amquerying trenches: here are some things on my #MSWL (a thread)

- unique character-driven #YA contemporary with a voice that grabs you and won't let go
- #ownvoices and underrepresented narratives (I'm still looking for that #ya refugee/immigration story!)
- feminist, #LGBTQ , and sex-positive narratives
- shorter (~50k) contemporary #mg

Kelsy @kelsythompson · 2 Jan 2019

One of my #NewYearsResolution2019 is to acquire an engaging contemporary #middlegrade novel, especially one featuring diverse or LGBTQIA+ characters, #girlsinstem, or an #ownvoices narrative. Anyone wanna help me make this happen? #MSWL

Kelsy @kelsythompson · 12 Sep 2018

My eclectic YA/MG #mswl:
-space opera in the vein of FIREFLY/GoT
-MC who writes sketch comedy/performs improv
-#ownvoices, esp. immigration/refugee experiences
-supernatural/fantasy w/ emphasis on non-western cultures
-#STEM w/ female MC
-sex-positive, feminist YA
-YA activists

Kelsy @kelsythompson · 29 Jan 2018

#mswl Monday: Would love a voice-driven and thought-provoking #mg contemporary novel. Do you have what I'm looking for?

Kelsy @kelsythompson · 24 Jan 2018

#MSWL Wednesday: Looking for an immersive YA high fantasy novel that offers a fresh take on the genre! Any takers? Send your query to @fluxbooks

Kelsy @kelsythompson · 20 Dec 2017

As I watch all the beautiful snow melt on this odd, 50-degree day, I am craving a #MG novel that focuses on #STEM and environmental issues. Hit me up! #MSWL

Kelsy @kelsythompson · 11 Dec 2017

Looking for a fantastic #MG story featuring mermaids. Any takers? #MSWL

Kelsy @kelsythompson · 8 Feb 2017

I may be casting too wide a net, but.... feminist #ya please! #MSWL

Kelsy @kelsythompson · 8 Feb 2017

#YA coming-of-age story featuring diverse characters and a crisis of faith/identity/concept of self. #MSWL

Kelsy @kelsythompson · 13 Sep 2016

Give me a compelling plot wrapped in magical realism that is so beautiful it hurts. Think DAUGHTER OF SMOKE AND BONE. #MSWL

Kelsy @kelsythompson · 13 Sep 2016

Give me #wf that explores complex characters in far-off places with a voice you cannot get enough of. #MSWL

Kelsy @kelsythompson · 13 Sep 2016

Victorian #hf please--but only if your hero/heroine is a badass. #MSWL

Kelsy @kelsythompson · 13 Sep 2016

I will request this until I die: Give me an adult sci fi with romantic elements in the vein of FIREFLY. #MSWL

Kelsy @kelsythompson · 13 Sep 2016

Got an adult superhero deconstruction with strong voice that doesn't take itself too seriously? Query me @JollyFishPress #MSWL

Kelsy @kelsythompson · 13 Sep 2016

Give me #wf with a phenomenal voice and story arc that isn't wholly dependent on romance. #MSWL

Kelsy @kelsythompson · 13 Sep 2016

Would love something in the vein of THE NIGHT CIRCUS, @LMillerWrites PARALLEL, or @dpeterfreund FOR DARKNESS SHOWS THE STARS #MSWL

Kelsy @kelsythompson · 13 Sep 2016

Also, where is all the excellent steampunk? Is that not a thing anymore? I WANT TO GO TO THERE. #MSWL