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Ruoxi Chen @jruoxichen · 13 Dec 2019

soysauce bun ❄️ postcards @soysaucetime

Remember the lesbian wedding I went to back in September

I am allowed to share one (1) wedding photo on my cursed twiter AND I... LOOK AT THEM.... ETHEREAL.... Beautiful brides.... 🥺

give me queered AF xianxia & wuxia fantasy in this vein. give me tender eye contact, back to back fighting, tilting your gf’s chin up w/a blade, painting her by firelight while you walk the jianghu together w/strong talismans and BDE. dream of red chamber meets MDZS. #MSWL

Ruoxi Chen @jruoxichen · 24 Sep 2019

#MSWL day: I'd love to see more F/F in my inbox. give me your adult WILDER GIRLS, your righthand women fiercely defending their gfs, the claustrophobic intimacy of friendship where you might just take a bite out of each other, your SF/F Elena Ferrante, your swordswomen in love.

Ruoxi Chen @jruoxichen · 8 Jan 2019

Katherine Locke @Bibliogato

I am not an agent or an editor, so I'm just throwing it out there for writers who do humor better than me:

I would kill for a YA book that captured the tone and feeling of the late great tv show Dead Like me.

selfishly expanding this into a #mswl for adult SFF that hits that Dead Like Me sweet spot of charming sardonic & reserved w/a deep undercurrent of heartbreak & stunning empathy that will break into the main storyline without warning. high concept but make it lump in your throat

Ruoxi Chen @jruoxichen · 21 Sep 2018

Sarah McCabe @sarahrmccabe

I *need* a YA adaptation of this (times a billion).

YES except also as adult fantasy about the rash decisions you made as an impetuous youth & an impetuous witch but now you're falling in love in your grumpy 30s over a magical contract you didn't think though w/lots of resigned sighs & awkward eye contact & netflix #mswl

Ruoxi Chen @jruoxichen · 14 Aug 2018

R.O. Kwon @rokwon

Somebody please write a book titled THERE WILL BE MARGINALIA. 💓…

Ah now I want this for real! Low fantasy magical realist House of Leaves meets Divine Cities trilogy about a historian from a conquered place discovering her own history via marginalia and then rewriting the colonizers' version by weaponizing it. #mswl

Ruoxi Chen @jruoxichen · 30 Jul 2018

Would love a mythical take on PERFUME (Suskind) with paints instead of scents: historical/secondary world fantasy where True Ochre requires the hair of a just man who's never known bitterness, True White the tears of a serpent who's lost her love etc. Art, blood, hunts. #mswl