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Eddie Schneider @eddieschneider · 22 Oct 2018

I just overheard this on the subway and what can I say but #MSWL?

Eddie Schneider @eddieschneider · 12 Sep 2018

I would be very here for a middle grade mystery set entirely on a train, with the protagonists traveling as unaccompanied minors cross-country. Whether or not the train's magical. . . *shrug* #MSWL

Eddie Schneider @eddieschneider · 12 Sep 2018

I'd love to find a book-length work that (a) explores social learning theory in animals and (b) has practical applications that you can try out with your pup.

Mia just wants to read about bears, but to each their own. #MSWL

Eddie Schneider @eddieschneider · 12 Sep 2018

For #MSWL, I'm tweeting oddly specific examples of things that I'd be into, in genres in which I'm definitely looking for more projects.

Those include:
YA fiction & nonfiction (all kinds)
MG fiction & NF (all kinds)
SF/F (especially upmarket/literary)
Narrative NF
Adult literary

Eddie Schneider @eddieschneider · 12 Sep 2018

THE SECRET LIFE OF PANTS—a cultural history of pants-wearing as subversive practice, from their early beginnings to the present day. #MSWL

Eddie Schneider @eddieschneider · 12 Sep 2018

A YA novel that’s a pinch of #GBBO and a dash of THE COOKING GENE, about a girl who upends a cooking show in the Deep South with her knowledge of the true cultural origins of the show’s desserts. #mswl

Eddie Schneider @eddieschneider · 7 Jun 2018

I just summarized something I'm reading as "The Watchmen" if written by Octavia Butler, and now I (a) wish that were more on the nose, and (b) want to see something like that #MSWL

Eddie Schneider @eddieschneider · 4 Jun 2018

I'm surprised no one seems to have given Kathleen Kennedy the doorstopper biography treatment. So if you see this and happen to be deep into developing one, hit me up! #MSWL

Eddie Schneider @eddieschneider · 31 May 2018

Yesterday in a pretty high level film meeting, the managers told me that they’re hungry for more Afrofuturism.

*pinches self*
*is already awake*

Yeah, so it was already #mswl for me but now it’s even more so. MG, YA, adult sf/f, or graphic novels, please!

Eddie Schneider @eddieschneider · 26 Feb 2018

1) Ruh roh. . .
2) #MSWL (talk about a story prompt!)

Eddie Schneider @eddieschneider · 17 Nov 2017

Here's a #MSWL request for you non-fiction folks going into Thanksgiving week: I'd love to see a book proposal for the narrative history of the 13th Amendment, its application, and its abuses.

Watching the latest episode of #blackish with the family got me in the feelings.