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Senior Literary Agent at @FuseLiterary , specializing in Nonfiction, Celebrity, and SF/F. Irish, Jewish, gay, loud. Pisces doing his best. Insta: connorgoldsmith

New York, NY | Los Angeles, CA

Fuse Literary

Connor Goldsmith @dreamoforgonon · 3 Apr 2017

Just received the most astonishingly racist SF novel query. Book purported to be anti-racist! Just. Check yr core concepts, guys. #querytip

Connor Goldsmith @dreamoforgonon · 28 Mar 2016

Saying you heard about my work when you were in college in 2011 is a feat, given I first entered publishing in 2012. #querytip: don't lie

Connor Goldsmith @dreamoforgonon · 17 Dec 2015

Okay a #querytip: When I say I'm interested in non-European mythologies, I don't mean Greece! Greek myth is foundational European myth???

Connor Goldsmith @dreamoforgonon · 30 Nov 2015

Free bonus #querytip: "I am a dangerous criminal and would like to write a memoir about crimes" is somewhat alarming.

Connor Goldsmith @dreamoforgonon · 30 Nov 2015


this is usually a bad idea. #querytip

Connor Goldsmith @dreamoforgonon · 11 Sep 2015

Trish will be working partnered with @agentsavant for now. She's looking for romance; diversity a big plus. Take a look! #querytip

Connor Goldsmith @dreamoforgonon · 17 Aug 2015

Gents: I would not recommend referring to your female protagonist's 'shapely behind' in the first sentence of your novel. #querytip

Connor Goldsmith @dreamoforgonon · 17 Aug 2015

Just as a general #querytip I'm extremely leery of spec fic that's like A WORLD WHERE THE [HETEROSEXUALS/MEN/WHITE PEOPLE] ARE THE OPPRESSED

Connor Goldsmith @dreamoforgonon · 12 Aug 2015

SF/F Triple Crown winner @ann_leckie shared her query for ANCILLARY JUSTICE, and man is it a good one:… #querytip

Connor Goldsmith @dreamoforgonon · 20 Jul 2015

If we were at a conference and I told you you could send an attachment, that's fine. But a cold email? Deleted unread. Viruses. #querytip

Connor Goldsmith @dreamoforgonon · 20 Jul 2015

"Per your submission guidelines, I have attached..."

My submission guidelines literally say 'no attachments'. #querytip

Connor Goldsmith @dreamoforgonon · 18 Apr 2015

Lots of Biblical end times devils and angels fantasy in my inbox right now. This has been done a LOT; you need a very fresh take. #querytip

Connor Goldsmith @dreamoforgonon · 11 Apr 2015

A #querytip - I've noted I like books abt minority topics, yes. But if yr book isn't that, don't be weird and apologetic for it.

Connor Goldsmith @dreamoforgonon · 6 Apr 2015

Quick #querytip -- most important thing is to be readable. Please don't use weird fonts or weird font sizes. Just a normal email!

Connor Goldsmith @dreamoforgonon · 29 Mar 2015

"This is the first in a series with a minimum of five books." Friend, you gotta sell the one book first. #querytip

Connor Goldsmith @dreamoforgonon · 13 Feb 2015

Folks, "50,000 plus" is not a word count. #querytip

Connor Goldsmith @dreamoforgonon · 6 Jan 2015

Very confusing when the email is from 'John Doe' but the query letter is signed 'Arthur Two-Sheds Jackson' or whatever. #querytip

Connor Goldsmith @dreamoforgonon · 6 Jan 2015

If you are writing with a pen name please explain that in your query. Otherwise, please have the same name in your email profile. #querytip

Connor Goldsmith @dreamoforgonon · 5 Jan 2015

On The Bachelor tonight this one woman who didn't get a rose came back in to beg him to reconsider. Don't debase yourself! #querytip

Connor Goldsmith @dreamoforgonon · 5 Jan 2015

"To ensure my query is received, I've attached it to this email" okay but I specifically asked you not to do this. Deleted. #querytip