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Analieze is OPEN TO QUERIES ❤️ @author_analieze · 1d

Just finished an ms that gave me a love that transpired over time ❤️ I cried, laughed, smiled. Books make me happy 🥰

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Analieze is OPEN TO QUERIES ❤️ @author_analieze · 3d

Hiiii Writers!!! 🥳

Since I’ve been asked multiple times for my #MSWL. I made a tab on my beautiful website! So go check it out @

Lucky for you. I pasted a link for my Query Box. Easier for you to submit! Can’t wait to start reading! ❤️


Analieze is OPEN TO QUERIES ❤️ @author_analieze · 4d

When I finish a dark mystery that makes me feel all sorts of emotions that I don’t know what to do with myself 😅 this is what I like to see. 😬

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Analieze is OPEN TO QUERIES ❤️ @author_analieze · Jul 28

Hii Writers!!

One request I have... I NEED more YA MYSTERIES & Adult THRILLERS in my box.

I have a lot sci-fi which I don’t oppose because that genre is 🔥

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Analieze is OPEN TO QUERIES ❤️ @author_analieze · Jul 13

Please do not send me Fantasy. I’m not the right agent for it. You want someone who is passionate about Fantasy. Unfortunately, I’m not that agent #MSWL #WritingCommunity #amagenting ❤️