Eddie Schneider


Eddie Schneider @eddieschneider · Jun 7

I just summarized something I'm reading as "The Watchmen" if written by Octavia Butler, and now I (a) wish that were more on the nose, and (b) want to see something like that #MSWL

Eddie Schneider @eddieschneider · Jun 4

I'm surprised no one seems to have given Kathleen Kennedy the doorstopper biography treatment. So if you see this and happen to be deep into developing one, hit me up! #MSWL

Eddie Schneider @eddieschneider · May 31

Yesterday in a pretty high level film meeting, the managers told me that they’re hungry for more Afrofuturism.

*pinches self*
*is already awake*

Yeah, so it was already #mswl for me but now it’s even more so. MG, YA, adult sf/f, or graphic novels, please!

Eddie Schneider @eddieschneider · Feb 26

1) Ruh roh. . .
2) #MSWL (talk about a story prompt!)

Eddie Schneider @eddieschneider · 17 Nov 2017

Here's a #MSWL request for you non-fiction folks going into Thanksgiving week: I'd love to see a book proposal for the narrative history of the 13th Amendment, its application, and its abuses.

Watching the latest episode of #blackish with the family got me in the feelings.