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Stephanie Hansen @hansenwriter · 19 Dec 2018

#MSWL: YA Sci-Fi's with underrepresented protagonists as well as unexpected antagonists.

Stephanie Hansen @hansenwriter · 12 Dec 2018

#MSWL: YA Contemporaries with a bit of mystery and a twist

Stephanie Hansen @hansenwriter · 3 Dec 2018

Currently battling strep reminds me of a battle won in ICU 8 yrs ago. In the new year, I want to read a YA story about a protagonist that's won a battle. But, the story doesn't revolve around the battle, it's a mere stair step to many great things AND bigger battles. #MSWL

Stephanie Hansen @hansenwriter · 3 Oct 2018

Happy #preDV day! I have a few things to add to the #MSWL

- POTUS is supposed to text all Americans with cellphones today...a YA about how that could go wrong would be splendid

Stephanie Hansen @hansenwriter · 12 Sep 2018

While financial times may call for a movement to escape reality after the contemporary pulse, I say grasp it. #mswl I'm looking for YA SFF that depicts disparity in wealth. As Mr. Piketty claims, middle class may actually have been an aberration! @nytimes…

Stephanie Hansen @hansenwriter · 28 Aug 2018

In Need of Book Recommendations!!! #booksthatmakeyoulaugh I've balled my eyes out twice this week thanks to @tomi_adeyemi and @rhiannonnavin #booksthatmakeyoucry #amreading In need of comedy #mswl I want to laugh so hard I almost pee my pants

Stephanie Hansen @hansenwriter · 4 Mar 2018

I'm currently looking for a YA version of MISS SLOANE (@jes_chastain rocks) meets IMMUREMENT (@NormaHinkens)! #MSWL #YA #Thriller #SmartGirls #StrongGirls