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Agent, Hill Nadell Literary Agency @hillnadell . Culture consumer, lover of sunshine, howler at moons. Query website only please!

Los Angeles, CA

Hill Nadell Literary Agency

Dara Hyde @dzhyde · Jan 28

Call with an editor today reminded me that I should make room on my list for more fun pop culture projects! #MSWL

Dara Hyde @dzhyde · 12 Sep 2018

Also, for #MSWL day -- TV comps: The Americans, Santa Clarita Diet, and Catastrophe are all great looks at modern marriage from very different lenses, but all smart and engaging. Like that, but for a novel, please!

Dara Hyde @dzhyde · 12 Sep 2018

Hey, it's #MSWL day! I've got my page over on the MSWL site (link below) and even though my inbox and to read pile are overflowing, I can say I'd love more comedy, narrative nonfiction, and travel writing. manuscriptwishlist.com/mswl-post/dara…

Dara Hyde @dzhyde · 8 Feb 2017

Always on the look out for smart original takes on a genre story #mswl (query via website only please)