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Literary agent at the Bent Agency, UK. Bookseller Rising Star 2019. 📚

The Bent Agency

Sarah Hornsley (née Manning) @SarahHornsley · 30 Apr 2019

I love finding new authors and so here's my updated #MSWL! Contemporary women’s; rom-coms; high concept crime & thriller; horror; historical fiction; feminist fiction & non-fiction; compelling memoirs; popular science.

Sarah Hornsley (née Manning) @SarahHornsley · 21 Feb 2019

There are lots of things I'm on the lookout for, but right now I'd *really* love to find a high-concept crime/thriller, a love story and an upmarket historical #MSWL

Sarah Hornsley (née Manning) @SarahHornsley · 15 Sep 2018

If you're based in the UK and getting ready to start querying, here is my current #MSWL:
Uplifting women's fiction
A love story!