Laura Zats


Founder & Agent @HeadwaterLit . Host of the award-winning @printrunpodcast . Publishers Weekly industry MVP. She/her. Open to queries!

Twin Cities, MN

Headwater Literary Management

Laura Zats @LZats · 12 Sep 2017

Contemporary YA witch family that doesn't take place in Salem #MSWL

Laura Zats @LZats · 8 Feb 2017

I'm a sucker for poignant contemporary MG/YA that's also really funny. #MSWL

Laura Zats @LZats · 8 Feb 2017

Contemporary books with a strong sense of place. I love the setting to be almost its own character! #MSWL

Laura Zats @LZats · 30 Jun 2016

Contemporary romances with high-level literary writing #MSWL