Lane Heymont @LaneHeymont · Aug 12

I want any number of books mentioned in THE NINTH GATE. #MSWL

Lane Heymont @LaneHeymont · Apr 24

I've been feeling some dance or ballet nonfiction lately. #FYI #MSWL

Lane Heymont @LaneHeymont · Jan 26

Always hunting 4 #LGBTQI #OwnVoices #DiverseBooks , but now it's more important than ever. Resistances are built on words. #MSWL #ResistTrump

Lane Heymont @LaneHeymont · Dec 15

True crime, politics, pop-culture, science, history, journalists, etc. #MSWL

Lane Heymont @LaneHeymont · Sep 29 2016

I'm feeling some #AHS -esque horror right now, considering I had a nightmare about pig-men chasing me. Scare the crap out of me. #MSWL

Lane Heymont @LaneHeymont · Sep 17 2016

Magical realism in the vein of HANCOCK and AMERICAN HERO. #LiterarySuperheroes #MSWL

Lane Heymont @LaneHeymont · Sep 17 2016

Pre-apocalyptic in the vein of THESE FINAL HOURS. #MSWL

Lane Heymont @LaneHeymont · Sep 13 2016

Sexy romantic suspense featuring western settings. #MSWL

Lane Heymont @LaneHeymont · Sep 13 2016

Weird horror in the vein of THEY LIVE! and THE THING. #MSWL

Lane Heymont @LaneHeymont · Sep 13 2016

A novel by Sutter Cane. #MSWL

Lane Heymont @LaneHeymont · Sep 6 2016

CORALINE, and THE WITCHES are super disturbing children's horror. Give me something in that vein. #MSWL

Lane Heymont @LaneHeymont · Aug 30 2016

Horror a la SINISTER - a slow burner with a sharp twist. Exposes the darkest recesses of humanity. True horror. Think APT PUPIL. #MSWL

Lane Heymont @LaneHeymont · Aug 29 2016

Zombies. Always send me zombie projects. Zombies for the #querywin !

Lane Heymont @LaneHeymont · Aug 24 2016

@jsinsheim @LaneHeymont @Mori_Irvine now THAT's a PNR YA romance book waiting to be written! Or the next CW show. ;)

Oh snap! #MSWL

Lane Heymont @LaneHeymont · Aug 22 2016

Fantasy which turns all tropes on their heads. #MSWL

Lane Heymont @LaneHeymont · Aug 22 2016

TriStar's logo is a live-action Pegasus - what if a contemporary fantasy revolved around it being a real Pegasus and it gets stolen? #MSWL

Lane Heymont @LaneHeymont · Jul 5 2016

Those books my exes were supposed to write. #MSWL #KindaSerious