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Martha Mihalick @MarthaMihalick · Feb 12

I love projects that take big, ambitious swings. They don't always work--or don't always work for me, specifically, as they might for another editor--but I always love reading them all. And finding one that DOES work for me? *chef's kiss* #mswl

Martha Mihalick @MarthaMihalick · Feb 4

I would very much love to see a non-white author reimagine The Secret Garden for today’s middle grade readers. #mswl

Martha Mihalick @MarthaMihalick · 24 Sep 2019

And--of course--I always want the things that I couldn't even imagine myself. Surprise me! Be inventive! Be yourself! Speak with the voice that no one has but you. #MSWL

Martha Mihalick @MarthaMihalick · 24 Sep 2019

Also, I would love more graphic novels on my list! For practically any age, really. #MSWL

Martha Mihalick @MarthaMihalick · 24 Sep 2019

A few other things I'd love to see in my inbox...
*MG novel that revolves around a big family (traditional or untrad) and plays with form the way Jane the Virgin did
*YA novel about a young tennis phenom (like Coco Gauff!)
*Interesting structures
*Subversive takes on tropes

Martha Mihalick @MarthaMihalick · 2 Aug 2019

You know who I would like to meet in my inbox? The modern-day equivalent of the Quimby family. Where do they live? What do they look like? What conflicts are they facing? That's for you mg writers out there to imagine! #MSWL

Martha Mihalick @MarthaMihalick · 7 Jan 2019

Two #MSWL thoughts from over the weekend: I'd love to see the joy & playfulness & heart & smarts of shows like Jane the Virgin and The Good Place captured in book form for MG and/or YA.

Martha Mihalick @MarthaMihalick · 4 Oct 2018

Just going to put this out there in the world... two things I would not mind seeing in my inbox:
* Wizard Heist
* Modern retelling/reimagining/remix of The Secret Garden

Martha Mihalick @MarthaMihalick · 2 Jun 2017

Knitting + spies sounds just right for my submission wishlist. #MSWL…

Martha Mihalick @MarthaMihalick · 1 Jul 2016

Someone turn this into a middle grade novel for me immediately, please. #MSWL…

Martha Mihalick @MarthaMihalick · 30 Jun 2016

If anyone wants to write me a teen bromance as magical as this one, I'm in. #MSWL