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paige wheeler @pwheeler_agent · Mar 25

Heading to Europe this summer and so of course I've been daydreaming about moving to Europe and renovating an old house. Looking for nonfiction or fiction about dropping everything and going to Europe #MSWL

paige wheeler @pwheeler_agent · Mar 25

Looking for books that would be fantastic book club reads! Please visit CMALit for submission guidelines #MSWL

paige wheeler @pwheeler_agent · Mar 19

I'm in love with productivity and organization. Looking for the next Marie Kondo lifestyle/business brand! #MSWL

paige wheeler @pwheeler_agent · Feb 27

I'm hungry for a really, really good work of nonfiction focusing on productivity--with tips, tools, etc. What have you got? #MSWL

paige wheeler @pwheeler_agent · 14 Feb 2017

Hungry for a really well written, exquisitely executed work--women's fiction, crime fiction. I want it to suck me in. #mswl