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Literary agent. Prison abolitionist. Baby theologian. “Without her, more characters would have lived.” Let's tell revolutionary stories together. She/her.

Los Angeles, CA

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Hannah Bowman @hannahnpbowman · 10 Oct 2018

3. A truly epic space opera. Either one with fascinating and unique worldbuilding (think THE STARS ARE LEGION or A DOOR INTO OCEAN) or one that's just plain fun as well as galaxy-spanning (think the Vorkosigan books). #MSWL

Hannah Bowman @hannahnpbowman · 10 Oct 2018

A delightful conversation with an editor this morning has reminded me of some things I'd really like to see #MSWL:
1. A prison-abolitionist utopian SF novel. Think THE DISPOSSESSED but specifically about restorative justice.
2. A really good first contact book like THE SPARROW.

Hannah Bowman @hannahnpbowman · 12 Jul 2018

There's been a request for a #MSWL now that I'm re-opening to queries. So, a thread on what I most want to see. (This is NOT EXHAUSTIVE! I'm open to all kinds of adult SFF.)

Hannah Bowman @hannahnpbowman · 10 Jun 2017

Hannah Bowman @hannahnpbowman

Strike in space! twitter.com/trgenovese/sta…

Seriously, somebody write me a near-future strike-in-space book. Like The Martian, but with collective nonviolent resistance. #MSWL

Hannah Bowman @hannahnpbowman · 7 Nov 2016

Hannah Bowman @hannahnpbowman

This whole tumblr is my #MSWL. thevaultoftheatomicspaceage.tumblr.com/post/152776543…

Replying to @hannahnpbowman

P.S. If someone wants to write me SF with the otherworldly creepy beauty of FORBIDDEN PLANET but without the sexism, that'd be great. #MSWL

Hannah Bowman @hannahnpbowman · 16 Sep 2016

Basically I'm in the mood for some books that inculcate wonder and show luminous beauty. That's what I love about SFF! #MSWL

Hannah Bowman @hannahnpbowman · 16 Sep 2016

A first-colonization SF novel that captures the transcendent beauty and sadness of leaving Earth. INTERSTELLAR meets FORBIDDEN PLANET #MSWL

Hannah Bowman @hannahnpbowman · 13 Sep 2016

I reopen to queries Oct 1. I want to see epic and secondworld fantasy and all types of SF. #MSWL

Hannah Bowman @hannahnpbowman · 2 Aug 2016

ALSO: write me some SF inspired by "Thence we came forth to rebehold the stars." #MSWL

Hannah Bowman @hannahnpbowman · 2 Aug 2016

I want some SF with a hero(ine) with the rank of Commodore -- a captain with a mini-fleet of sister ships. #MSWL

Hannah Bowman @hannahnpbowman · 29 Jun 2016

Anyway, if you have an SF manuscript that constructs a new society with the care of THE DISPOSSESSED, please send it to me. #mswl