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Literary agent at Liza Dawson Associates. Abolitionist. “Without her, more characters would have lived.” Let's tell revolutionary stories together. She/her.

Los Angeles, CA

Liza Dawson Associates

Hannah Bowman @hannahnpbowman · 29 Nov 2018

Hey, #MSWL: I really want a beautiful magic university book. THE MAGICIANS or KINGKILLER CHRONICLES but feminist.

Hannah Bowman @hannahnpbowman · 25 Sep 2018

Connor Goldsmith @dreamoforgonon

@hannahnpbowman @maxgladstone don't forget how centaurs and merfolk aren't classified as people and everyone's like oh that's fine

Re: this thread, if someone wants to write me a fantasy novel about a kid who goes to magic school but realizes the entire structure of the magical world needs to be overthrown, I would be 100% there for that. Bonus points if they have to side with the dark wizards to do it #MSWL

Hannah Bowman @hannahnpbowman · 13 Sep 2016

Hannah Bowman @hannahnpbowman

I reopen to queries Oct 1. I want to see epic and secondworld fantasy and all types of SF. #MSWL

Replying to @hannahnpbowman

Within fantasy, I'd love a beautiful world with beautiful magic. But I also tend toward books that explore the cost of violence. #MSWL