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Jessica Faust @BookEndsJessica · 9 Nov 2015

It never feels like much of a coincidence when you experienced the same thing as your character. #querytip

Jessica Faust @BookEndsJessica · 5 Oct 2015

Your author bio should never be longer than your book's blurb #querytip

Jessica Faust @BookEndsJessica · 25 Sep 2015

#querytip label your files with title & author last name. "synopsis" gets confusing when I have 5 of them on my Kindle.

Jessica Faust @BookEndsJessica · 23 Sep 2015

Not being i"n the know" on celebrities comparing your protagonist to an actor isn't the best way to grab my attention #querytip

Jessica Faust @BookEndsJessica · 18 Sep 2015

#querytip If you call your book a thriller/romance/YA… make sure the blurb shows how it fits the genre.

Jessica Faust @BookEndsJessica · 16 Sep 2015

All novels should follow the trials, tribulations and triumphs of your protagonist. It's not a selling point. #querytip

Jessica Faust @BookEndsJessica · 11 Jul 2015

Queries through Twitter have gone up. Don't do this! Ever. Agents have query guidelines. Use them. #querytip #BookEnds

Jessica Faust @BookEndsJessica · 17 Apr 2015

Always include a synopsis and your query/blurb when sending in any requested material. Grrrr. #querytip