Natascha Morris @SoCalledYALife · 1h

#MSWL I really want a PB nonfiction about ground breaking females in ballet, figure skating, or really any sports.

Natascha Morris @SoCalledYALife · 3d

Totally want a YA thriller set in a remote Oregon location. This place is beautiful! #MSWL

Natascha Morris @SoCalledYALife · 4d

For real, one of my clients just admitted to being a figure skater and now I need a Tonya Hard-esque YA figure skating novel. #MSWL

Natascha Morris @SoCalledYALife · 5d

Tip: if you use the word "Erotic" in your query, it is not middle grade. #querytip

Natascha Morris @SoCalledYALife · 6d

While I am at it, I love a good enemy to lover YA. #MSWL

Natascha Morris @SoCalledYALife · 6d

I would also love a contemporary romance with royals. #MSWL Kate Middleton style.

Natascha Morris @SoCalledYALife · 6d

Can I just get my Hollywood teen romance that explores the realities of dating a celebrity? #MSWL

Natascha Morris @SoCalledYALife · May 13

I need a creepy mermaid book. Like my favorite show is Murdering Mermaid Hour. #MSWL

Natascha Morris @SoCalledYALife · May 10

If you get an offer of rep, let me know whether I have your query or full. #querytip

Natascha Morris @SoCalledYALife · May 9

Was telling @BookEndsJessica about my very specific #MSWL for a contemporary YA with a professional mermaid.

Natascha Morris @SoCalledYALife · May 2

melanie conklin @MLConklin

@SoCalledYALife Sometimes, the setting is your character's only friend, and that's nice, but there's usually SOME part opposed to them. A gossipy town? Poverty? Uncertainty? Unfamiliar-ness? #1st5pages

Replying to @MLConklin

That is such a great way of thinking about it. We all have a love/hate relationship with the world around us. Can't all be sunshine and daisies and rainbow farts. #1st5pages Now I just want to learn from you. Teach me all the things!!

Natascha Morris @SoCalledYALife · May 2

melanie conklin @MLConklin

@SoCalledYALife @joeyverse @LisaMaxwellYA I pre-write for months in notebooks. I have to feel familiar with the character and their world before I start writing, though I don't outline plot beyond Lie/Want/Need/Truth.

You know, I think this is something alot of authors should do. #1st5Pages Alot of my editorial comments are "Why? How so?" Knowing your character and world, inside and out, can help those around you better shape your vision. If I ask, it's because I can't I don't know. #1st5pages

Natascha Morris @SoCalledYALife · May 2

Charlotte Gruber @charlotteclg

#1st5pages How about the very WORST #writing advice? #1st5pages

"Write what you know." This is such a complete misdirection. Rather, it should be "Write the truth that your reader does not yet know (but maybe suspects), but will someday." #1st5pages #amwriting