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Literary Agent, Donald Maass Literary Agency. Writer: Charleston and the Emergence of Middle-Class Culture in the Revolutionary Era (UGaPress, 2016). #vp20

Minneapolis, MN

Donald Maass Literary Agency

Jennie Goloboy @JennieGoloboy · Sep 29

In general, I’m the wrong agent for stories that are driven primarily by action scenes. This is because I have the visual imagination of a turnip. Dialogue-driven? Send it on. #mswl

Jennie Goloboy @JennieGoloboy · Sep 29

I have a weird bias against stories in which the hero is a gladiator who has to fight his way to the grand prize in the arena. I loved Thor: Ragnarok, but I think this plot generally works better as a movie than a book. #mswl

Jennie Goloboy @JennieGoloboy · Sep 12

I'd really love a rip-roaring history of book publishing, for example. #mswl

Jennie Goloboy @JennieGoloboy · Sep 12

This #mswl is for non-fiction-- I love business history. I'd like some fun business history for a popular audience. #twitterstorians, where are you?

Jennie Goloboy @JennieGoloboy · Jul 20

By the way, I want to represent more history for a popular audience (hint, hint) #MSWL

Jennie Goloboy @JennieGoloboy · Jun 19

Sorry, I don't take on clients on the basis of a novella! #mswl

Jennie Goloboy @JennieGoloboy · May 30

I don't represent historical fiction-- sorry! #mswl

Jennie Goloboy @JennieGoloboy · Apr 9

This song came out the year before I was born, and I'm disappointed none of it has come true yet. But at least I can #mswl it? Send me some of that optimistic, aspirational sci-fi and fantasy please. Don't let Susan down!

Jennie Goloboy @JennieGoloboy · Mar 1

I absolutely believe you can write deep, thoughtful sci-fi and fantasy with lovable characters and a happy ending. Exhibit 1: Terry Pratchett. #mswl

Jennie Goloboy @JennieGoloboy · Feb 16

I think the issue of gun violence will have to be faced on many fronts. For those of us who work in the arts, it means depicting guns as tools, rather than as magical artifacts that grant power and charisma. #mswl

Jennie Goloboy @JennieGoloboy · Jan 29

Sorry, I don't represent women's fiction. I just don't have the eye for it! #MSWL

Jennie Goloboy @JennieGoloboy · Jan 12

That said, a really cool novel about autonomous cars would be fun to see. #mswl

Jennie Goloboy @JennieGoloboy · Jan 12

What I mean by hard-SF: your worldbuilding is based on an extrapolation from modern technology or scientific knowledge. This would include botany/biology/materials science, too! #mswl

Jennie Goloboy @JennieGoloboy · Jan 12

Have you written a really great hard-sf novel with lovable characters in it? Especially if it's set in a future that isn't dystopian? I never get enough of those. Please send it on! #MSWL

Jennie Goloboy @JennieGoloboy · 1 Nov 2017

Sorry, but I don't represent historical fiction. Please send me fun history or history-inspired fantasy, though! #MSWL

Jennie Goloboy @JennieGoloboy · 18 Oct 2017

Tough sells for me right now: lone-wolf vigilante heroes. Dystopias in general. #MSWL

Jennie Goloboy @JennieGoloboy · 17 Oct 2017

The biggest reason I reject manuscripts? I didn't connect with the characters. #MSWL