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Kate Prosswimmer @kap212 · Sep 24

Ooh another #MSWL - give me a spooky MG story that gives me chills but not nightmares! 👻😱 Open to a wide range from spoopy to creepy and from realistic to supernatural!

Kate Prosswimmer @kap212 · Sep 24

Some more #MSWL - I love me a good classic-feeling, whimsical MG fantasy adventure!

Kate Prosswimmer @kap212 · Sep 24

Hopping on the #MSWL train to say send me all of your atmospheric YA escapism projects!!

Kate Prosswimmer @kap212 · Jun 17

Last weekend's Saturday plans gave me a new #mswl request - a YA thriller set on Governors Island (or someplace similar) after dark!
A contained situation where safety is visible but out of reach 👍🏻
A ton of similar-looking buildings (disorienting but many places to hide!) 👍🏻