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I'm a writer, a literary agent, and I edit books for others. Check out my blog at

Los Angeles, CA

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Steven Hutson @wordwiselit · Feb 3

#mswl Business and finance. But you need to have some impressive credentials.

Steven Hutson @wordwiselit · Aug 1 2016

#mswl Emotional issues for women of faith. Anyone?

Steven Hutson @wordwiselit · Jul 21 2016

#MSWL Short YA novels, 15-20,000 words. Must have romance element. I have ONE publisher interested. See my website to submit.

Steven Hutson @wordwiselit · Apr 4 2016

#mswl Sea monsters and dinosaurs

Steven Hutson @wordwiselit · Mar 26 2015

Pop Culture, Politics, Thriller, Business, Economics, my #mswl

Steven Hutson @wordwiselit · Mar 24 2015

My #mswl Business, economics, banking, science

Steven Hutson @wordwiselit · Mar 13 2015

Suspense, mystery, thriller. My #mswl . Anyone?

Steven Hutson @wordwiselit · Feb 26 2015

My #mswl Mystery, thriller, cookbooks Anyone out there?