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Brooklyn, NY

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Kate McKean @kate_mckean · 6d

#mswl : So much science fiction by/about/for bi identified people that we start a whole genre called BiSiFi.

Kate McKean @kate_mckean · 1w

I honestly don't know what YA I want these days, so if you're working on something that feels weird and new, send it to me. #mswl

Kate McKean @kate_mckean · 1w

If you have a popular Instagram or Twitter about pets, I'm obvs your girl. #mswl

Kate McKean @kate_mckean · 1w

Non-fiction chapter books and middle grade on literally any subject! #mswl

Kate McKean @kate_mckean · 1w

Non-fiction--prescriptive, narrative, essays, journalism--by authors with a demonstrable platform. No politics. #mswl

Kate McKean @kate_mckean · 1w

Adult fiction about career women (i.e. traditional office jobs) in the 1920s-1960s, a la The Best of Everything by Rona Jaffe #mswl

Kate McKean @kate_mckean · 2w

Joanna Scott's "Careers for Women," is a serpentine, craftily arranged new novel https://t.co/ENvN0Oa23Z

I am reading this right now and enjoying it VERY MUCH. Please query me with a book like this. #mswl https://t.co/AsCgDilQn4

Kate McKean @kate_mckean · 3w

I want SF like the movie Colossal. Inventive premise, real emotion, big and small stakes, touch of humor. #mswl

Kate McKean @kate_mckean · Aug 3

Fun, non-issue based YA and MG. #mswl

Kate McKean @kate_mckean · Jul 3

Someone is going to write an incredible business book about the NBA in the '10s.

I want this book. If you're a business writer with a strong platform and knows the NBA, email me. #mswl https://t.co/9aHC5IPmKj

Kate McKean @kate_mckean · Jun 2

Once again, demanding a romance novel about former rival spellers who meet again as grown-ups.

Send me this so Sara can read it #mswl https://t.co/ez0M0Tm0kA

Kate McKean @kate_mckean · May 24

Middle grade novel featuring volleyball. #mswl

Kate McKean @kate_mckean · May 22

The @NYHistory has an online archive of notes left with babies at the NY Foundling Hospital. I WANT THIS NOVEL ASAP. https://t.co/CkpnNwGM2W

@NYHistory #mswl

Kate McKean @kate_mckean · May 18

If you're a tech/business journalist with a platform writing about certified B corps, I'd love to hear from you. #mswl

Kate McKean @kate_mckean · May 18

If you are a journalist, sociologist, or psychologist with a platform writing about Emotional Labor, I'd love to hear from you. #mswl

Kate McKean @kate_mckean · May 3

Wanna learn about women who secretly embroidered in prison in WWII? Go read this by @AWingfieldSvcs !… https://t.co/qyGzCG4Bly

Ok, now I REALLY want an MG or YA novel about this!! #mswl https://t.co/fARoGD8NWV

Kate McKean @kate_mckean · May 3

I want a YA novel like this Marcus/Marikief Morris switcheroo story: https://t.co/MhUPfOUIJi #mswl

Kate McKean @kate_mckean · Apr 19

A YA novel where instead of leaving their Southern s-town, they stay to enact change. #mswl (h/t @ValerieColeYA )

Kate McKean @kate_mckean · Apr 19

@kate_mckean Why don't they stay and change things? 2/2

@ValerieColeYA THAT IS A VERY GOOD POINT. I'd love to read a YA where they stay and change things. #mswl

Kate McKean @kate_mckean · Feb 19

This girl is the goddamn quarterback and the cheerleader is her girlfriend. CAN SOMEONE MAKE THIS INTO A MOVIE PLEA… https://t.co/ZfSc7hivPp

#mswl https://t.co/OQjnuo75c1