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Jessica S. ☕️ @TheWriteShadow · 16 Dec 2016

Women in agriculture related (adult fiction or STEM children's fic. or nonfiction). #mswl

Jessica S. ☕️ @TheWriteShadow · 22 Nov 2016

#mswl capturing "Isle of Hope, Isle of Fear" lyrics:
...In The Land Of Liberty.
And Courage Is The Passport
When Your Old World Disappears

Jessica S. ☕️ @TheWriteShadow · 29 Aug 2016… The trust and communication here is absolutely incredible. #mswl

Jessica S. ☕️ @TheWriteShadow · 13 May 2016

I'm in the mood for a CONTEMPORARY YA with a strong farm girl protagonist. A series would be even better. #mswl

Jessica S. ☕️ @TheWriteShadow · 9 Mar 2016

I'm still closed for unsolicited submissions, but if you have something that matches one of my #mswl, please go ahead and send it to me. :)

Jessica S. ☕️ @TheWriteShadow · 4 Feb 2016

Are you a visual person? Great! We are, too. Check out our little growing #mswl list. #GWLdreams…

Jessica S. ☕️ @TheWriteShadow · 25 Jan 2016

I'm seriously in the mood for an adult literary ms set in an unfamiliar location. Surprise me. #mswl

Jessica S. ☕️ @TheWriteShadow · 12 Jan 2016

Yes, I absolutely agree! I'd love to get queried with one of these. #mswl…

Jessica S. ☕️ @TheWriteShadow · 8 Jan 2016

@R_Elisewrites is still looking for a dangerous adventure story about the Pony Express. Young adult or middle grade. #mswl #writepit

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