Literary Agent Mark Gottlieb @Mark_Gottlieb · 1d

Friendly/helpful #QueryTip for those #AmQuerying from #WritingCommunity: I enjoy #ShortStories & #Novella format but they present challenges in trying to sell short works to a #publisher. Much easier to sell those alongside a full-length #Novel so let's see both or all three!

Kiki Nguyen @kianangu · 2d

#QueryTip: 5/10 queries can be rejected based purely on not folllwing guidelines from non-compliant subject lines to unsolicited attachments. Make sure you’re following carefully and giving yourself the best chance!

A.M. Rose @annmrose · 2d

Got a query addressed to Mr. Hoogland today - While the resemblance between @mike_hoogland and I is uncanny and our names are very similar 🙃might I suggest double checking that submission before you hit send today
#querytip #SlushInsight #mistakeshappen ❤️

Lauren’s the Worst (preorder now💁🏻‍♀️) @laurenspieller · 5d

Writers— “contemporary” and “realistic” are often used as synonyms when describing genre, but they’re not. Ex: a realistic/real world novel set in 2002? That’s historical. (Gah I know—we are old! 😆) #querytip

Literary Agent Mark Gottlieb @Mark_Gottlieb · 6d

It seems as though now that it’s September all the #query letters come flooding in. Here’s a quick #querytip: Summer may be slow in publishing but feel free to query me any time of the year—it doesn’t have to wait until September!

Jim McCarthy @JimMcCarthy528 · 6d

#querytip: The process of querying may make you super nervous. MOST people feel that way. But don't turn that into talking yourself down. You don't have to say things like, "if you even like it." It's self-sabotage, and though it makes my heart hurt, it doesn't make me request.

Lauren’s the Worst (preorder now💁🏻‍♀️) @laurenspieller · 6d

#QueryTip! Don’t query until you get feedback on your pitch from someone who is unfamiliar with your manuscript. They will be able to point out holes that are invisible to you/someone who has read the MS already. #Triadatip

Stacey Donaghy @DonaghyLiterary · Sep 14

#querytip Please provide at least 2 weeks notice to agents if you’ve received an offer. This is even more important if said offer is not from other agents but from a smaller less known publisher. Agents can be a great resource in terms of knowledge and guidance

Kaitlyn Johnson @kaitylynne13 · Sep 14

Writers! I will be closing my box on Oct 1 so I can tackle my Submissions and Maybe Pile. Get those queries in while you can! #querytip #amagenting #amquerying

Alexandra Weiss @akaweiss · Sep 14

A common question I get from writers is when to start querying. There isn't a perfect answer, but if you find yourself looking at your manuscript & making tiny tweaks OR getting the urge to destroy it bc you've revised it so much, odds are, it's ready. #querytip

Jen Chen Tran @jenchentran · Sep 13

I’m closed to queries, but a gentle reminder: do not pitch me on Twitter/ LinkedIn/ Facebook. Your message will be ignored. Thank you! #querytip 👍

Erin Clyburn @erin_clyburn · Sep 12

Last night, I read ~10 queries in a row with prologues, none of which needed a prologue. Not saying that prologues NEVER work, but if you have one in your MS, really look at the purpose it serves. A short thread:

#querytip #amquerying

Tia Rose Mele @TiatheTiger · Sep 12

#querytip please please PLEASE, if you receive an offer of representation or an offer from a small press or decide to self publish or whatever, let all agents who have your query/partial/full know! It's so frustrating to read something only to find out it's no longer available.

Amanda Leuck @MandiLeone · Sep 11

Author #querytip: PLEASE do not show up at a literary agency expecting an agent to hear your pitch. (This actually happened today. 🙀)

Tia Rose Mele @TiatheTiger · Sep 11

#querytip Please stop commenting on agents' personal appearances in queries. It's weird and uncomfortable for everyone involved 😬

Stacey Donaghy @DonaghyLiterary · Sep 10

I will be closing to query submissions on October 1st in order to catch up on ALL things! #querytip #writers All queries and MS submissions that are received before the 1st will be responded to.

Jessica Faust @BookEndsJessica · Sep 9

If you’re describing a female character by looks first, ask yourself if you’re doing the same with your male characters. Women characters need to be more than their looks. #querytip