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Assistant editor with the amazing Greenwillow Books. Actively building my list as an editor, so pitch away!


Greenwillow Books

Katie Heit @katieheit · 3 Oct 2018

Sabrina the Teenage Witch, but make it literary #MSWL

Katie Heit @katieheit · 19 Oct 2017

Random #mswl : Middle grade mystery with a Scooby crew. A group of friends setting out to catch bad guys!

Katie Heit @katieheit · 17 Aug 2017

I could use a really joyful middle grade right now! #mswl

Katie Heit @katieheit · 8 Feb 2017

My first #MSWL! Funny middle grade (bonus if boy mc) and ya with strong female friendships! Especially looking for #ownvoices