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Literary agent at ICM. Sybarite. Lefty (both kinds). Feminist. My patronus is a fox. Must have plot.

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Alexandra Machinist @amachinist · Feb 23

I’m craving a beach read. A summer book NOT about WASPS. A summer community we haven’t read about before. #MSWL

Alexandra Machinist @amachinist · 16 May 2018

Off The Shelf @OffTheShelf

Are you ready for an adventure? These 9 novels will take you on a journey into the unknown.

How could I forget to #MSWL about adventure novels? Or at least recently. MY SIDE OF THE MOUNTAIN was my childhood jam and I about fainted with joy when I read Alex Garland’s THE BEACH in college. So send me your adventures! #amquerying #pubtip

Alexandra Machinist @amachinist · 22 Jan 2018

In dry January, craving repping a wine novel. Must be as well done as @bbosker non-fic Cork Dork or @lauradave 800 Grapes. #mswl

Alexandra Machinist @amachinist · 26 Sep 2017

Just read of a 10th anniversary edition of #TheNameoftheWind by @PatrickRothfuss ...a favorite. LOVE one like it. Even possible? #MSWL

Alexandra Machinist @amachinist · 20 Aug 2017

Favorite books about books are The Shadow of the Wind, 13th Tale, AJ Fikry, Weight of Ink and more! #mswl #BooksAboutBooks

Alexandra Machinist @amachinist · 20 Aug 2017

As I read another one with great joy, I am reminded that I always love and yearn for books about books. #MSWL

Alexandra Machinist @amachinist · 4 Jun 2017

Watching at @MITJAmazon is a reminder of how much I love stories in contained environments. #mswl

Alexandra Machinist @amachinist · 3 Mar 2017

Replying to @lpp

you'll be first on my list when I find it. And we SHALL find it. A reminder--send us a modern THE CRAFT! #MSWL

Alexandra Machinist @amachinist · 28 Feb 2017

Avoiding the joint session is making me crave reading a novel with magical powers. Who's got THE CRAFT for today?#mswl #amreading

Alexandra Machinist @amachinist · 2 Feb 2017

Who remembers Rosamunde Pilcher's The Shell Seekers? I'd love to get lost in a current version of it right now. #mswl

Alexandra Machinist @amachinist · 2 Feb 2017

As @sallynyc reminds me, I just love a "siblings behaving badly" novel a la THE NEST. Or even behaving well a la THIS IS US. Send! #MSWL

Alexandra Machinist @amachinist · 1 Feb 2017

Authors, it is incumbent on us to create an empathetic world. Send me your debuts for this dark time. Show me what comes next. Pls. #mswl

Alexandra Machinist @amachinist · 27 Jan 2017

Craving, always, immersive epics a la Cold Mountain, Memoirs of a Geisha, The Historian, The Crimson Petal and the White. #MSWL

Alexandra Machinist @amachinist · 27 Jan 2017

Think a novel like Into the Wilderness or The Tenderness of the Wolves (adult) or My Side of the Mountain (kids) #MSWL

Alexandra Machinist @amachinist · 27 Jan 2017

I'm craving a frontier novel. Person/people in the wilderness. In adult or YA. #MSWL

Alexandra Machinist @amachinist · 26 Oct 2016

Remember John Twelve Hawks' THE TRAVELER? Man, I'd love to rep a book like that. #mswl #queries