E(Liz)abeth Kossnar @liz_adventures · 3w

I like to reimagine a Little Mermaid where Ariel and Ursula are roommates and Ursula is always helping out Ariel wi… https://t.co/eY2lVe9aH6

@johnmcusick By casting ill-begotten SPELLS??? #mswl

E(Liz)abeth Kossnar @liz_adventures · May 6

Brunch with @liz_adventures and @JeremyWest has dissolved into @TeeEss and I writing (the world's worst) novel together 😂👌🏾

#MSWL https://t.co/7scFZtNVeO

E(Liz)abeth Kossnar @liz_adventures · Jan 9

I would love a #MG or #YA about a protag obsessed with physics, esp since I know so little of the subject. #MSWL

E(Liz)abeth Kossnar @liz_adventures · Dec 1

@liz_adventures @kristinostby I think actual cat acquisition is the final irrevocable step. I'm so proud. *wipes away tear*

@navahw @kristinostby should I do an #MSWL for adorable but evil cat picture book? Oh I think I just did!

E(Liz)abeth Kossnar @liz_adventures · Oct 25

I went to Catholic school until 8th grade & we had really great sex ed. I'd love a MG like this #MSWL bc religious schools can be liberal!

E(Liz)abeth Kossnar @liz_adventures · Oct 5

Adjusting to life in America leaves 12 yr old Graciela longing for her Mexican roots, but tragedy helps her embrace her present. #dvpit #MG

This #DVpit is totally something I'd #MSWL !! https://t.co/ksqtI1rTEz

E(Liz)abeth Kossnar @liz_adventures · Oct 5

#MSWL Did u know PR women were sterilized in NYC in the '60s? I'd love a story of a #MG who realizes his/her family was almost halted by it.

E(Liz)abeth Kossnar @liz_adventures · Sep 13

Send me your whimsical, your self-conscious, your intersectional, your silly. #MSWL #MG

E(Liz)abeth Kossnar @liz_adventures · Aug 22

I'd really love to work on a #YA non fic about the War on Drugs akin to The New Jim Crow. Any leads would be so appreciated. #MSWL

E(Liz)abeth Kossnar @liz_adventures · Jul 21 2016

I'd really like a #MG with a Puerto Rican protag, please! Doesn't have to (but could!) take place on the island. #MSWL

E(Liz)abeth Kossnar @liz_adventures · Jun 30 2016

I'm always down for puns for #PB but erring on subtle, if possible. More points for hte premise itself being the pun. #MSWL

E(Liz)abeth Kossnar @liz_adventures · Jun 30 2016

Realizing my #MSWL tweets are very stream of consciousness today, which coincidentally is something I'd like in #MG or #YA if done well.

E(Liz)abeth Kossnar @liz_adventures · Jun 30 2016

I would love a #MG historical fiction that takes place in Puerto Rico--or about a family immigrating from PR to mainland USA. #MSWL

E(Liz)abeth Kossnar @liz_adventures · Jun 30 2016

ie, a class in college on witches in Puritanical societies made me actually about the colonial period & its time frame/history #MG #MSWL 2/2

E(Liz)abeth Kossnar @liz_adventures · Jun 30 2016

I'm also into #MG #NF but it has to be a topic that is hyper interesting that makes learning history in school seem relevant. #MSWL (1/2)

E(Liz)abeth Kossnar @liz_adventures · Jun 30 2016

I'd love a really funny & poignant #MG with POC main protags. I guess a MG version of Dope is what I'm asking for here. #YA , too tho. #MSWL

E(Liz)abeth Kossnar @liz_adventures · Jun 30 2016

I would love a #YA that plays with a format like Ifemelu's storyline in Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's incredible novel, Americanah. #MSWL

E(Liz)abeth Kossnar @liz_adventures · Jun 8 2016

Does anyone have a contemporary #MG with a young lesbian protag a la Better Nate Than Ever but not about NY/Broadway? #MSWL