Anne Sowards


executive editor acquiring science fiction & fantasy at Penguin. I do the fun books. Opinions my own (if they weren't, I guarantee there would be 99% less Kpop)

New York, NY


Anne Sowards @AnneSowards · Sep 13

@AnneSowards are you looking for Manusripts directly, or would they still need to go through an agent for acceptance at penguin?

please send #mswl requests via agent, unless we know each other / you talked to me at a conference / etc. . . .

Anne Sowards @AnneSowards · Sep 13

farmboy/girl-turned-chosen one epic fantasy--with terrific characters and a strong voice #mswl

Anne Sowards @AnneSowards · Sep 13

EPIC science fiction / space opera, where aristocracy rules planets / galaxies, like DUNE #mswl

Anne Sowards @AnneSowards · Sep 13

Horatio Hornblower in space, like David Feintuch #mswl

Anne Sowards @AnneSowards · Sep 13

still looking for a big epic dragon book, along the lines of Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern or Naomi Novik's Temeraire #MSWL

Anne Sowards @AnneSowards · Jun 3 2016

I'd love to find a big (aka epic) dragon book, along the lines of Anne McCaffrey / Naomi Novik. Because dragons are awesome. #MSWL

Anne Sowards @AnneSowards · Jul 28 2015

Fantasy & SF of all types--with characters I fall in love with and a story I can't put down #MSWL