Talia Benamy


Zionist/peacenik; Harry Potter & Joss Whedon fan; lover of kids' books, and happily editing them at Philomel; nature enthusiast; New Yorker in life & at heart.

New York City

Philomel Books

Talia Benamy @taliabenamy · Aug 11

Agents: Got any middle-grade books about middle children? I'd love to see them. #MSWL

Talia Benamy @taliabenamy · Oct 7 2016

Agents: I would love to see middle grade and YA submissions with positive, relevant, and relate-able Jewish content. #MSWL

Talia Benamy @taliabenamy · Sep 9 2016

Even without manned missions to space, there is so much cool stuff @NASA is doing now. Would love a MG nonfiction about it. Agents? #MSWL

Talia Benamy @taliabenamy · Jul 26 2016

Agents: Where is the next How Much Is A Million, a picture book that helps give kids context for this world? #MSWL

Talia Benamy @taliabenamy · Jun 30 2016

Agents: Any modern-day retellings of Greek/Roman mythology that makes those stories relevant for today? #MSWL

Talia Benamy @taliabenamy · Jun 3 2016

Agents: Anything along the lines of a more current Election (the movie) that could serve as a commentary on today's political climate? #MSWL

Talia Benamy @taliabenamy · May 20 2016

Agents: Any manuscripts that take a look at or play with the English language and show just how wacky, fun, and interesting it can be? #MSWL

Talia Benamy @taliabenamy · Apr 29 2016

Agents: What manuscripts do you have that kids/teens might read to help them understand what's going on in this crazy world of ours? #MSWL

Talia Benamy @taliabenamy · Apr 22 2016

Agents: Looking for MG/YA, fiction/NF, that would allow a kid to read some news & know a bit about it because of a book s/he has read. #MSWL

Talia Benamy @taliabenamy · Apr 15 2016

Agents: Would love to see books starring kids with parents who are gay, mixed race, mixed religion, or otherwise depicted enough. #MSWL

Talia Benamy @taliabenamy · Apr 11 2016

Agents: I'd love to see commercial YA starring kickass girls who do things that girls don't "normally" do. #MSWL

Talia Benamy @taliabenamy · Feb 9 2016

Agents: Anything out there for middle grade about real life pirates? Captain Kidd, for example, led a fascinating life. #nonfiction #MSWL

Talia Benamy @taliabenamy · Jan 29 2016

Agents: Space is awesome. Space exploration is awesome. Anything out there in that vein that isn't scifi? #MSWL

Talia Benamy @taliabenamy · Jan 11 2016

Agents, who's got some awesome nonfiction books (maybe picture books, maybe older) about the women who fought for the 19th Amendment? #MSWL

Talia Benamy @taliabenamy · Jan 8 2016

Hey agents, any books out there with a female protagonist that a boy reader will still love? YA or MG... #MSWL

Talia Benamy @taliabenamy · Dec 4 2015

Agents: Looking for historical fiction submissions having to do with the immigrant experience. #MSWL

Talia Benamy @taliabenamy · Nov 5 2015

Agents: Any poignant/funny middle-grade submissions about the plight of the middle child?#MSWL

Talia Benamy @taliabenamy · Oct 23 2015

Voice. Voice voice voice voice voice. #MSWL

Talia Benamy @taliabenamy · Oct 16 2015

Searching for fantastic middle grade submissions that are literary but accessible and that give readers something to really chew on. #MSWL

Talia Benamy @taliabenamy · Sep 4 2015

Agents: I'd love to see a story about a group of entrepreneurial girls, a la the Babysitters Club. #MSWL