Chris Kepner


Launching a new literary agency.

New York, NY

The Kepner Agency

Chris Kepner @chriskepner · 22h

Voice, voice, voice. Above all else, voice is key. #mswl

Chris Kepner @chriskepner · 4d

Is anyone out there writing strong heist thrillers with original voices? #mswl

Chris Kepner @chriskepner · Jul 14

I'm striving to make my new list a diverse one. #ownvoices #MSWL

Chris Kepner @chriskepner · Jun 24

Narrative non-fiction on subject matter that hasn't been covered previously. Enlighten me about something fascinating. #MSWL

Chris Kepner @chriskepner · Jun 21

A smart thriller that doesn't begin with a horrible murder. I am not a fan of gore, especially the gratuitous kind. #MSWL