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Literary Agent @parkliterary , actively building my list! Photos of my cats, musings on Buffy episodes, and odes to the month of October are my own.

Brooklyn, NY

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Blair Wilson @blair_e_wilson · May 8

I spy @blair_e_wilson on the @WritersDigest blog! Check out her new agent feature! #amquerying #mswl #askagent

So excited to be featured on the @WritersDigest blog! Check it out for @ParkLiterary sub instructions and my #mswl

Blair Wilson @blair_e_wilson · May 8

Querying? Send your MG + YA fiction, and MG, YA, and adult nonfiction my way! #amquerying #mswl #askagent

Blair Wilson @blair_e_wilson · Apr 10

I'm feeling fall vibes, even in this spring weather--craving lyrical, stormy YA filled with hopeful heartache. Send yours my way! #MSWL

Blair Wilson @blair_e_wilson · Feb 8

#MSWL -- intersectional, feminist MG and YA

Blair Wilson @blair_e_wilson · Feb 8

Mood board for spooky, haunting, eerie MG and YA #MSWL

Blair Wilson @blair_e_wilson · Feb 8

As a North Carolina native, I'm always drawn to complex, diverse Southern voices -- send your MG and YA my way! #MSWL

Blair Wilson @blair_e_wilson · Feb 8

Thinking of Brian and Noah in @jandynelson 's I'LL GIVE YOU THE SUN today -- heart-soaring YA is high on my #MSWL !