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Literary Agent at The Friedrich Agency, fried chicken enthusiast, Anglophile, dog AND cat person. Repping fiction and non-fiction for adults and teens.

New York, NY

The Friedrich Agency

Lucy Carson @LucyACarson · 6d

A particularly great list. Can an entire list be my #MSWL ? I need that new Jane Harper novel ASAP.

Lucy Carson @LucyACarson · Aug 11

My query folder is full of straight white men. Fit to bursting with PRIVILEGE.

Please take note of Kent's #MSWL = hungry for other voices!

Lucy Carson @LucyACarson · May 9

The "Bully" episode of @CriminalShow would make a great novel: community reuniting to exact justice when law enforcement fails. #MSWL

Lucy Carson @LucyACarson · Jul 30 2016

#MSWL "China’s Cheating Husbands Fuel an Industry of ‘Mistress Dispellers’ - "

Lucy Carson @LucyACarson · May 21 2016

If you are querying adult fiction that bears any sort of comparison to SECRET HISTORY, let's talk! #MSWL

Lucy Carson @LucyACarson · Mar 10 2016

#MSWL a YA--historical or contemp--with a setting that's a character in its own right & a twist of something darkly magical/darkly strange

@alexyarnold ooo I could go for one of those myself! #MSWL

Lucy Carson @LucyACarson · Dec 2 2015

A novel in the vein of one of my TV favorites, #Fargo or #Broadchurch i.e. Artful suspense with strong sense of place #MSWL

Lucy Carson @LucyACarson · Nov 19 2015

Am really craving a rich, character-driven novel about our complicated relationship to nature and/or wildlife #mswl

Lucy Carson @LucyACarson · Nov 1 2015

It would be fun to see a suspense novel somehow featuring service dogs like these awesome pups #MSWL

Lucy Carson @LucyACarson · Oct 8 2015

Really digging the October #query vibe-- extra spooky! Keep 'em coming. #MSWL

Lucy Carson @LucyACarson · Aug 27 2015

A suspense novel with thinly veiled reference to AirBnB (gone wrong of course)... killer stays in victim apts beforehand? #MSWL

Lucy Carson @LucyACarson · Jun 10 2015

DYING for a great literary suspense novel... (see what I did there) (of course you did, I'm not that clever) #querytip #mswl

Lucy Carson @LucyACarson · Apr 3 2015

I would love to see a really smart suspense novel with an organization loosely based on Scientology #goingclear #soscared #querytip