Laura Crockett ☕️ @LECrockett · Apr 6

If you're writing contemp YA:
- today's teens were born 2000-2004
- their parents 1960-1980 (likely 1970s)
- their grandparents 1930-1950 (likely 1940s).

Outliers are possible, yes, but be aware of the timeline and the characters' cultural history. #writingtip #querytip

Laura Crockett ☕️ @LECrockett · Jan 31

Erin Cashman @etcashman

Many fantasy submissions focus too much on unique worldbuilding and not enough character. Readers want to know what happens to a character, first and foremost. The worldbuilding is important - but it should compliment and always be in service to character and plot #1st5pages

I see this crutch a lot in my inbox. The writer pitches the world, with barely a mention of the character I'm supposed to follow and befriend. We can discover the world together throughout the narrative later -- entice me with the character and plot. #1st5pages #querytip

Laura Crockett ☕️ @LECrockett · Jan 22

It appears that in eager, stumbling haste to get their work Out There, writers are forgetting to do their research on agents, what they rep, and following submission guidelines.

Take a deep breath. You're more likely to be rep'd if you follow instructions. #querytip

Laura Crockett ☕️ @LECrockett · 13 Dec 2017

Heroine: a female.
Heroin: a drug.

Know the difference. #querytip #writingtip

Laura Crockett ☕️ @LECrockett · 15 Nov 2017

Life is lessons through experience. Reading is a form of experience. Help us better understand your MC by having readers experience MC's life (showing) vs having the MC explain their life (telling). Let's be more empathic people. #writingtip #querytip

Laura Crockett ☕️ @LECrockett · 27 Oct 2017

"If you're looking for a hook, you won't find one."

Then how am I supposed to be interested in your ms if nothing hooks me in? #querytip

Laura Crockett ☕️ @LECrockett · 17 Oct 2017

5K words is not a YA novel. It's not even a MG novel. It's a college essay. #querytip

Laura Crockett ☕️ @LECrockett · 28 Sep 2017

#querytip Follow agency submission guidelines. Following guidelines = attention to detail = great business relationship w your agent/editor

Laura Crockett ☕️ @LECrockett · 19 Jul 2017

Read books within the genre & category you're writing. Notice what they do well #writingtip #querytip

Laura Crockett ☕️ @LECrockett · 19 Jul 2017

If you think I'd like your ms, there's no need to ask permission to query. Follow the guidelines & submit! #querytip…

Laura Crockett ☕️ @LECrockett · 18 Jul 2017

I am not a sir.

Check your salutations before sending. It's always safe to say "Dear [First name]" #querytip

Laura Crockett ☕️ @LECrockett · 14 Jul 2017

Read dialogue out loud. Does it sound authentic or forced? Is it propelling the plot or languishing unnecessarily? #querytip #writingtip

Laura Crockett ☕️ @LECrockett · 11 Jul 2017

Not all dialogue needs to be banter & sarcastic one-liners. People do speak to each other without all of that. #writingtip #querytip

Laura Crockett ☕️ @LECrockett · 19 Jun 2017

You can use different names/locations/objects/etc in your fairytale retellings/inspirations. In fact, you should. Make it unique! #querytip

Laura Crockett ☕️ @LECrockett · 25 May 2017

Writers: I'll be traveling 5/26-6/4. If you query in that time and I don't respond by 6/9, it's a pass. Do not re-query. Thanks! #querytip

Laura Crockett ☕️ @LECrockett · 17 May 2017

Got used to Lauren Crockett & Laura Spieller, but Lara Krocket takes the cake. Double check the name of the agent you're querying! #querytip