Ariel Fieldman


Literary Assistant at Maria Carvainis Agency. Goat whisperer, devourer of words.

New York, NY

Maria Carvainis Agency

Ariel Fieldman @Ariel_Fieldman · 5 Dec 2016

YOU HAVE DIED OF DYSENTERY. Wishing for the adventure and emotion of #TheOregonTrail in book form #mswl

Ariel Fieldman @Ariel_Fieldman · 28 Nov 2016

clairvoyants/psychics in real world settings. Think "Odd Thomas" or "The Mentalist" #MSWL

Ariel Fieldman @Ariel_Fieldman · 21 Nov 2016

a dual-narrated manuscript where one half is in verse and the other in prose #MSWL

Ariel Fieldman @Ariel_Fieldman · 16 Nov 2016

On the hunt for a retelling of/a twist on Shakespeare's THE TEMPEST #MSWL

Ariel Fieldman @Ariel_Fieldman · 14 Nov 2016

non linear timelines circling 'round an unknown event/trauma #MSWL

Ariel Fieldman @Ariel_Fieldman · 10 Nov 2016

Can we do a gender bender Alice in Wonderland retelling? Please? #MSWL

Ariel Fieldman @Ariel_Fieldman · 10 Nov 2016

Follow up #MSWL a complex and flawed protagonist who the reader *almost* hates themselves for rooting for

Ariel Fieldman @Ariel_Fieldman · 9 Nov 2016

the slow unraveling of a family secret, please and thanks. #mswl #distractmefromthemadness

Ariel Fieldman @Ariel_Fieldman · 7 Nov 2016

With Gilmore Girls soon coming back to my netflix screen, I'm craving witty banter and deep mother/daughter ties #MSWL #Happymonday

Ariel Fieldman @Ariel_Fieldman · 4 Nov 2016

foodie/kitchen centric fiction where you at? Bonus points for lovely prose and charachter driven-ness #MSWL

Ariel Fieldman @Ariel_Fieldman · 3 Nov 2016

My dream fairytale reboot: a [non fantasy] manuscript featuring modern day selkies. #sealionwoman #MSWL #makemydreamscometrue

Ariel Fieldman @Ariel_Fieldman · 3 Nov 2016

#MSWL small town america - with a dark/magical realism twist a la WHEN WE WERE ANIMALS

Ariel Fieldman @Ariel_Fieldman · 2 Nov 2016

inaugural #MSWL give me your tired, your poor, your darkly humorous hitting too close to home protagonists yearning to break free!

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