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Chris Kepner @chriskepner · Apr 21

Ok, who is writing the Avicii bio? #mswl #mswl #mswl

Chris Kepner @chriskepner · Apr 8

New Luxury Hotel Will Be 200 Miles Up and $792,000 a Night (seems like a good setting for a suspense novel) #mswl…

Chris Kepner @chriskepner · Mar 16

Five New Fossil Forests Found in Antarctica - National Geographic… #mswl

Chris Kepner @chriskepner · Jan 31

Great meetings with @aejerman & @katieheit today! A key takeaway (hearing this a lot): we need more middle grade. Queries, please! #MSWL

Chris Kepner @chriskepner · 17 Dec 2017

Suppose it goes without saying, but to err on the side of caution: I am indeed looking for books that are not specifically listed here #mswl

Chris Kepner @chriskepner · 22 Nov 2017

Voice, voice, voice. Above all else, voice is key. #mswl

Chris Kepner @chriskepner · 18 Nov 2017

Is anyone out there writing strong heist thrillers with original voices? #mswl

Chris Kepner @chriskepner · 14 Jul 2017

I'm striving to make my new list a diverse one. #ownvoices #MSWL

Chris Kepner @chriskepner · 24 Jun 2017

Narrative non-fiction on subject matter that hasn't been covered previously. Enlighten me about something fascinating. #MSWL

Chris Kepner @chriskepner · 21 Jun 2017

A smart thriller that doesn't begin with a horrible murder. I am not a fan of gore, especially the gratuitous kind. #MSWL

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