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pottery teacher, Muggle tolerator, Senior Literary Agent at Writers House.

Manhattan, NY

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Brianne Johnson @SecretAgentBri · 16h

I'm feeling inspired by all the love for romcoms lately! Throwing an #MSWL out there--I'd LOVE to find a fresh, modern, quirky YA romance. I adored ELEANOR & PARK and DUMPLIN'--stories that keep it real AND keep you smiling, ideally ❤️ #querytrenches #amquerying #amediting

Brianne Johnson @SecretAgentBri · Jun 7

Doing my best to scout the #PitMad thread, but duty calls! If you have a submission you think fits my taste, PLEASE send it to me! I'm always looking for magical/witchy books in all genres and I'm particularly excited about fresh #YA social-justice-themed books. #amquerying #MSWL

Brianne Johnson @SecretAgentBri · Jan 31

Just finished this stunner of a read from @themackenzilee--I absolutely devoured it! I LOVE historical fiction, and it's exciting to see it having a comeback in the YA space. Query-ers--if you have historical that feels fresh/juicy/fun/exciting, PLEASE send my way! #MSWL

Brianne Johnson @SecretAgentBri · Jan 29

Made some changes to my PM page.

#MSWL, y'all. #BringItOn

Brianne Johnson @SecretAgentBri · 12 Sep 2017

I always ❤️ dark, gorgeous, hope-full middle grade that shines a beautiful new light on old, old wisdom ✨🌺💀🥀🌞 #MSWL

Brianne Johnson @SecretAgentBri · 20 Jul 2017

#MSWL! I want a modern answer to SCARY STORIES TO TELL IN THE DARK that include technology and speak to today's teens. Eek! #amquerying

Brianne Johnson @SecretAgentBri · 16 Jun 2017

Still (and prob always, who am I kidding) looking for witchy, beautiful, grounded Practical Magic-y fiction in MG, YA, & adult genres. #MSWL

Brianne Johnson @SecretAgentBri · 12 Jan 2017

It's a new year, and I'm hunting for new projects! Very hungry for gorgeous, funny, voice-y MG that's unafraid to tackle BIG themes #MSWL