Lucy Carson


Literary Agent at The Friedrich Agency, fried chicken enthusiast, Anglophile, dog AND cat person. Repping fiction and non-fiction for adults and teens.

New York, NY

The Friedrich Agency

Lucy Carson @LucyACarson · Apr 13

So narrative non-fiction seemed in demand at the Fair, but for some reason I am actually hankering for a fresh concept in pop-science right now! Send ‘em my way! 🤓 #mswl

Lucy Carson @LucyACarson · Jan 25

Just started watching #Mosaic on @HBO and am fascinated by the structure. Would so love to find a novelistic experiment in this vein, exploring "mystery" with bold and risk-taking structural choices. Putting that out in the world! #MSWL

Lucy Carson @LucyACarson · 4 Dec 2017

A particularly great list. Can an entire list be my #MSWL ? I need that new Jane Harper novel ASAP.…

Lucy Carson @LucyACarson · 9 May 2017

The "Bully" episode of @CriminalShow would make a great novel: community reuniting to exact justice when law enforcement fails. #MSWL

Lucy Carson @LucyACarson · 30 Jul 2016

#MSWL "China’s Cheating Husbands Fuel an Industry of ‘Mistress Dispellers’ - "…

Lucy Carson @LucyACarson · 21 May 2016

If you are querying adult fiction that bears any sort of comparison to SECRET HISTORY, let's talk! #MSWL