Dr. Uwe Stender @UweStenderPhD · 18 Aug 2019

Shanice Littlejohn is revising @twixsftbl

@UweStenderPhD How long is typically too long of a wait to hear back from an agent? Is a gentle inquiry welcome or unprofessional?

Replying to @twixsftbl

Give people 14 weeks, after that they ought to be open to a nudge. IF they are disrespectful to you because of a gentle nudge, YOU should not want to work with them anyway. They may not have had a chance to consider yet, but they should not be CRANKY about a nudge.

Dr. Uwe Stender @UweStenderPhD · 18 Aug 2019

Belinda Grant @belindagrant80

@UweStenderPhD What is your take on the discussion re the need for more books for older MG/Young YA? How hard are they to sell? Is there a market?

Replying to @belindagrant80

I have no opinion. I take on what I love (I am 100% gut feeling, and don't follow trends). IF that is a real discussion, then I am sure they're is an emerging trend. But I am the wrong guy to ask.

Kari Sutherland @KariSutherland · 16 Aug 2019

Mackenzie Reed @mackenziemreed7

@KariSutherland Also, when pitching a crossover, would that be pitched as YA and NA? And to an agent, does that mean it could be marketed to both genres?


Replying to @mackenziemreed7

If the characters and themes feel more suited to YA, then query it as YA. I tend not to use NA, just call it a YA with crossover appeal. Unless the themes are really more on the adult side. #AskAgentBLA

Laura Bradford @bradfordlit · 16 Aug 2019

EikaPrime @EikaPrime

#AskAgentBLA It seems like every book I read in YA/A has a romance plot or subplot. What are the odds of a romance-free story ever getting representation?

Replying to @EikaPrime

Does it matter what the odds are? If that is the book you want to write, you should. There are YA books that don't contain romance that sell. I have repped YA projects without any romance. #AskAgentBLA

Natalie M. Lakosil @Natalie_Lakosil · 16 Aug 2019

Helena Hoayun @helenahoayun

#AskAgentBLA if for some reason you sign with an agent and the match isn’t as good as you thought (you don’t agree with edits, they aren’t selling your book vigorously, etc), how do you go about ending that relationship amiably?

Replying to @helenahoayun

I ALWAYS recommend a conversation with your agent FIRST. Communication, esp expectations, is key. Never talk to others only and assume things. If you do still want to part ways, a call or an email work. You can't control anything but your actions; be professional. #AskAgentBLA

Laura Bradford @bradfordlit · 16 Aug 2019

Lisa Herron @LisaC_Herron

@bradfordlit How do you feel about quiet women’s fiction? #askagentBLA

Replying to @LisaC_Herron

Depends on the writing because the quiet aspect will almost always make it much more challenging to pitch and sell. #AskAgentBLA

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