Laura Bradford @bradfordlit · 16 Aug 2019

ShellyBean @shellyhoover

Hello #askagentBLA
What is stirring up industry excitement for you?

Replying to @shellyhoover

#OwnVoices rom-com. Historical women's fiction with a unique perspective and agency and romance. Upper middle grade with diverse perspectives. #AskAgentBLA

Kari Sutherland @KariSutherland · 16 Aug 2019

Helena Hoayun @helenahoayun

#AskAgentBLA when agents ask for synopses, but don’t state the length, what are the standard requirements? One page single spaced (two pages double spaced)?

Replying to @helenahoayun

Other agents may feel differently, but I'd say 1-2 pages, single-spaced. Longer than that feels excessive. I'm not looking for a chapter-by-chapter breakdown, more a sense of the important plot points. And yes, spoil the ending in the synopsis (but not the query). #askagentBLA

Kari Sutherland @KariSutherland · 16 Aug 2019

Malulani Moreno Kū Kia'i Mauna @malulaninyc

I’m curious when you are evaluating a full manuscript, at what point do you know you’ll want to represent? After reading the entire mss? Half-way? Asked another way: When do you know you are in love with a story? #AskAgentBLA

Replying to @malulaninyc

I always finish the full before setting up a call to offer rep, but I'll fall in love with a manuscript before then. It'll differ from story to story--sometimes it's the voice, sometimes it's a really cool world that sucks me in and won't let go. #askagentBLA

Kari Sutherland @KariSutherland · 16 Aug 2019

Natalie M. Lakosil @Natalie_Lakosil

@Julianne_SF I always check, but it won't stop me from offering rep if there's nothing there. Would only stop me if the person was an A**hole. #askagentbla

Replying to @Natalie_Lakosil

I also check--as will prospective publishers. But I'm not looking for a high follower count, etc. at this stage. As Natalie said, just want to make sure the person isn't obnoxious. :) #askagentBLA

Laura Bradford @bradfordlit · 16 Aug 2019

Julie Novakova is at Worldcon 77 @Julianne_SF

#AskAgentBLA How much, if at all, do you check prospective authors' social media and websites? Does it play a role in the decision-making?

Replying to @Julianne_SF

For fiction, I vaguely check through social media to make sure you aren't a total dick, or making trouble that would be my problem to deal with. I'm not checking for your stats and only offering rep unless you have X number of followers. It's different for NF, though #AskAgentBLA

Kelly Van Sant @bookishchick · 9 Aug 2019

Adrienne La Faye @brnartist

@bookishchick Why is almost impossible for Black authors who write Black children books to get published?

Replying to @brnartist

Because Publishing upholds racist systems, and employs and publishes white people in vast majority. It is not right, but it is real. There are real access barriers to working in publishing and POC in the industry are often pushed out due to low salaries and high costs of living.

Kelly Van Sant @bookishchick · 9 Aug 2019

Asad Al-Amir Ali @AsadAli1993

@bookishchick 1. Is it actually difficult to be accepted by an agent when you've submitted your query and sample?
2. If you were an interest to multiple agents, what can I do to help choose the best agent?

Replying to @AsadAli1993

It is difficult, just in terms of numbers. I get hundreds of queries a month and only make a dozen requests. Of those request I maybe offer on one or two, if that. But that doesn’t make it impossible. It just means that you have to go out with your best work, and do your research

Kelly Van Sant @bookishchick · 9 Aug 2019

Christina Ferko @ChristinaFerko

@bookishchick I’ve been getting responses from queries and requests lately about retellings getting saturated now. Do you think there is still room for fairytale retellings right now?

Replying to @ChristinaFerko

I think there is always room for retellings from diverse perspectives (nonwhite, queer, disabled, and more). Otherwise, yes, the market might be a little saturated. But what goes around comes around. The market is ever changing, so write the book you want to write.

Kelly Van Sant @bookishchick · 9 Aug 2019

Kelly Van Sant @bookishchick

@MKLandrigan -What is your turn around time for edits?

Replying to @bookishchick

A good fit is a person you trust and feel comfortable with. You must ALWAYS feel secure in being able to say no to your agent. No, I don’t agree with that edit. No, I don’t want to accept that deal. No, I don’t want to work with that person. An agent works for *you*

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