Kelly 📚 @LitAgentKelly · Aug 24

Cherie Richardson Writes @CherieR_

@LitAgentKelly If you are querying, only getting rejections stating "this wasn't a good fit for me" at what point do you decide to revise? Thank you!

Replying to @CherieR_

That’s not for anyone to decide but yourself. You know your manuscript and story best, and if you don’t know WHAT about your story to revise, it may be best to send to some beta readers and CPs first when considering revising to get their feedback.

Kelly 📚 @LitAgentKelly · Aug 24

Mandy- summers are for gardens and words @DMandzz

@LitAgentKelly Thinking about the gap between MG and YA. How do you feel about younger MCs in #YA?

Replying to @DMandzz

It’s tough because YA seems to be aging up quite a bit, so 15 can even be a hard sell sometimes. YA is trending more 16-18 at the moment, and upper MG is going to 13. 14 is somewhat no man’s land at the moment!

Kelly 📚 @LitAgentKelly · Aug 24

Jbtci @Jbtci1

@LitAgentKelly Where should one best look for publishing opportunities for a small, fable type story vs a full length novel?

Replying to @Jbtci1

You’d probably be better of looking at anthologies, presses who put out calls for short stories, and journals who publish the sorts of short stories you write. I can’t be too much of a help because usually agents don’t deal with short stories. Sorry!

Kelly 📚 @LitAgentKelly · Aug 24

Ashbash 👑 @Ashley_addymom

@LitAgentKelly When you request a full manuscript do you always finish or do you sometimes stop if you know it’s a no go?

Replying to @Ashley_addymom

A lot of times agents will stop reading once they realize it’s not the best fit for them or isn’t quite ready. We unfortunately don’t have enough time to finish reading every full we request if we know it’s not for us.

Kelly 📚 @LitAgentKelly · Aug 24

Christy Swift is querying @christyswift27

@LitAgentKelly Hi Kelly. Thanks! How often do you (and agents in general) ask for R&Rs? Do R&Rs usually end up as a contract? What makes you willing to take that extra step to do an R&R for a writer rather than rejecting?

Replying to @christyswift27

Not very often, actually! We have to really see something in the writer and the story and in my case, an R&R is more so giving the author the ability to prove they can handle the edits I’d be throwing at them, as well as making sure our visions align. :)

Kelly 📚 @LitAgentKelly · Aug 24

J.W. Berwyn @berwyn_j

@LitAgentKelly @CooksUpAStory I'm self publishing my first book, writing my second. Should I wait to see how sales are from my first book before I think about getting an agent for my second?

Replying to @berwyn_j

Well you don’t want to query agents with an incomplete manuscript! So finish your second book first, but make sure you’re not trying to have an agent represent a second book in a SERIES. They need to be two separate stories/series completely. :)

Kelly 📚 @LitAgentKelly · Aug 24

𓂀 Sam Nicholson @samapplepie

@LitAgentKelly @CooksUpAStory How did you become an agent?

Replying to @samapplepie

I started as an Intern and then move dup to an assistant/apprentice! Before the internship, I started as a book blogger. :)

Kelly 📚 @LitAgentKelly · Aug 24

M. Joan Morgan @mjoanmorgan

@LitAgentKelly Any trends you are seeing in your query box right now?

Replying to @mjoanmorgan

Thrillers and horror at the moment, which I’m totally down for! I’m so ready for the fall spook season! I’d love to see more ghosts too, and MG and Adult stories!

Kelly 📚 @LitAgentKelly · Aug 24

Deidre Huesmann @DeidreHuesmann

@LitAgentKelly Compared to pages, how much does synopsis weigh on your desire to read more? Can it change your mind if you're on the fence?

Replying to @DeidreHuesmann

I’m the black sheep in this and I know it. I don’t like to read your synopsis unless I AM on the fence about requesting more pages. I know that a synopsis showing how your story unfolds can have a large impact on other agents though.

Kelly 📚 @LitAgentKelly · Aug 24

Jacqueline Stefanowicz @J_PlainandFancy

@LitAgentKelly Why is it that some agents want a book proposal and others don't?

Replying to @J_PlainandFancy

Book proposals are usually utilized for non-fiction only! And sometimes if agents believe they can sell your next book (because they already sold one or a few) quickly, we may ask for a proposal and sample chapters in order to garner some interest in your next idea.

Linda Epstein @LindaEpstein · Aug 20

Adrian Eves @AdrianEves07

@LindaEpstein in querying and samples, what are your pet peeves?

I hate when people get my name wrong, have multiple spelling errors in their query, don't follow my submission guidelines, query me for things I don't rep, or are rude. 😬

Linda Epstein @LindaEpstein · Aug 20

JRPyle-Carter @JrpyleC

@LindaEpstein @AnneTibbets #askagent When's the best time to send an agent a query? Are there certain times of year when you're swamped?

Agents are always swamped. Don't query somewhen when they are closed to submissions and don't expect agents to work on holidays/vacations just because that's when most people have the time to query. And be patient.

Linda Epstein @LindaEpstein · Aug 20

astoria @__karou

@LindaEpstein Any advice for new authors, or how to go about finding the right agent? #askagent

Advice for new authors is to keep writing, go to conferences, get a critique partner, and don't lose hope. Educate yourself on how people go about getting an agent, and do that. And remember that finding the right agent is like dating. (Sorry, I wish I had better news about that)

Linda Epstein @LindaEpstein · Aug 20

Diane Callahan @QuotidianWriter

@LindaEpstein Thank you for being open to questions! A few for you:

Do you reject books because the word count is too high?

What types of plots would you like to see more of in your genres?

Which comp titles are overused?


If I loved something but the word count was too high I'd speak to the author about it. If a PB comes in at over 1000 words it won't work. If a MG comes in at over 70 or YA over 100K it won't work FOR ME. The titles you think would be overused are the ones that are.

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