Wendi Lulu Gu @WendiLuluGu · 23 Jul 2018

Alexandra Johnson @allie_l_johnson

Any advice on querying a “quiet” (as in, internal) YA MS? #askJNA

Replying to @allie_l_johnson

If the voice knocks me out, then you always have a shot. But to echo @byobrooks -- make sure there's a plot. Even if I love the voice, and not the plot, we can try shaping it together before we send it out to editors. #askJNA

Wendi Lulu Gu @WendiLuluGu · 23 Jul 2018

Nassiri @Nassiri27021983

Teen romance is it outdated? #askJNA

Replying to @Nassiri27021983

No way! Phew! Although I do like an extra plot layer or subplot to complement the romance. Not always necessary though. #askJNA

Brooks Sherman (OPEN to queries!) @byobrooks · 23 Jul 2018

Zoe @squaremouse7

Hope it's okay to ask this... Is historical fantasy too saturated? #askjna

Replying to @squaremouse7

Every genre and subgenre is saturated. (Glib, perhaps, but true.) In all seriousness, I'm more concerned about whether I like the story than anything else. #askJNA

Paul Lucas @canonizer · 23 Jul 2018

Miri C Golden @MaryCWallis


Can you share some red flags in publishing contracts - elements you advise your clients not to agree to?

Replying to @MaryCWallis

Nope, can't share! We have a wonderful contracts department as a first line of defense and long relationships with publishers establishing norms.

I wouldn't provide your first born unless you're sick of them. #askJNA

Brooks Sherman (OPEN to queries!) @byobrooks · 23 Jul 2018

Brooks Sherman @byobrooks

@MarisaNoelle77 Well... #askJNA pic.twitter.com/9nJko2I6zQ

Replying to @byobrooks

Seriously, it can be done, but it's a tough sell. If you have a fresh dystopian take/premise, that will help. #askJNA

Brooks Sherman (OPEN to queries!) @byobrooks · 23 Jul 2018

Kieran McMurchy @kieranmcmurchy

Change of pace a bit, but how did you all get your start as literary agents? Which university programs? Internships? How did you end up at JNA? #askJNA

Replying to @kieranmcmurchy

We all have different backgrounds. For instance, I didn't study anything publishing-related in college (I was a theater major). I didn't get into the industry until after I turned 30 and had worked in other fields first. #askJNA

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