Maria Ribas @maria_ribas · 27 Jun 2018

Writers = introverted. Writers = have to sell books. That's why I love this Introvert's Guide to Launching a Book by @llbarkat on @JaneFriedman's site: #WriterWednesday #askagent

Naomi Davis The Caffeinated @NaomisLitPix · 23 Jun 2018

Shannon Obed @ShannonObed

@NaomisLitPix Went from middle grade to YA. I kept a few characters. I feel like it could recognizable but it's really a different story. Was fantasy but now is romance/ fantasy.

Replying to @ShannonObed

Well my recommendation would be for you to let agents know it's a major revision of a previously seen title IF they requested to read pages. If just the query was rejected, you can prob just re-query.
If any other #askagent folks want to weigh in on this that would be cool!

Dr. Uwe Stender @UweStenderPhD · 17 Jun 2018

Dana L. Davis @DanaLDavis

@UweStenderPhD What your favorite book of all time?

Replying to @DanaLDavis

That's tough. But if you told me that I could never ever read anything other than THAT book, I'd pick: Gottfried Benn
"Sämtliche Gedichte." HE was a misunderstood genius whose poetry is HEAVEN and everyone else's is garbage. (Which is why I cannot read poetry at all anymore.)

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