Tricia Skinner (queries closed)
Champion of underdogs. Nerdy Senior Agent @FuseLiterary . PW Star Watch Honoree. INFJ. Likes the hero, but loves the villain. 한국어를 공부하고 있어. 스트레이키즈.
Trodayne Northern
Literary Agent & Co-President of Prentis Literary. Lover of hats. Hater of book mites. Pronouns: He, Him, His
Uwe Stender
Founder @triadaus , Literary/Film Agent. Herthaner. Berliner Schnauze. Westend. Qualität kommt von Qual. 1982,1991, 2013, 2017. Books, Films, Music. ❤ Berlin ❤
Vanessa Taylir
Literary agent for SBR media, mom of 3, and one fur baby.
Vicky Weber
Assoc. Lit Agent at @tpurcellagency ❤ Children's Books Author + Publishing Coach - Repped by @eastwestlit 🇵🇷
Victoria Marini
VP & Agent at Irene Goodman. Not tall, just loud. Wants Books in which Things Happen #MSWL here:…
Weronika (/vɛ.rɔˈɲi.ka/) (Veronica) E. K. Janczuk
Lit. agent @ JLA, which I designed m'self. 🇵🇱. @NYUGallatin alumna. Lover of persons, saints, ♥s, intelligentsias, impact, + books. A mini Lisbeth Salander.
Whitney Ross
Agent at Irene Goodman Literary Agency, book collector, world traveler, & amateur baker
Zabé/Z. R. Ellor
Bestselling author of MAY THE BEST MAN WIN🏈| SILK FIRE🐉| ACTING THE PART (12/7/22)🎥| assoc. agent @JDLitAgency | rep @RedPenKaitlyn | opinions mine | he/they
Zoe Sandler
Literary Agent at CAA 📚
zoe-aline howard
Associate Agent at @HowlandLit , Literary Publicist at @PineStatePub , Lover of Patti Smith’s “This Is” captions on Instagram & OPEN TO QUERIES
🐈‍⬛ Laura-aaah! “Gore-a" Bennett, Agent of Chaos
SFF Agent @LiverpoolLit . Queries closed | TTRPG, board game & video game geek. | Ex-teacher. | Toddler & Bengal cat mum. | She/her. | IndieInk judge. | 🏳️‍🌈
🦇 Palomacula 🦇
Associate Agent at @Einstein_Lit , opinions are my own, 🇦🇷, ENG/ESP, 💛 Live to make life better, abolish prisons and the police!
🕸️Carlisle Spiderwebber🕷️
Literary agent at @FuseLiterary 📚 Princess on the outside, villain on the inside 🖤 She/her, Ms. 👸🏼
🇬🇾🇨🇷 Fantasy Writer | Artist • Dark Polymath • Junior Agent at @IGLAbooks • Predisposed to chaos & black bubble tea🥷🏾🧋


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