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Serious literary agent, fashionista, artist, and lover of good times and people. Actively seeking next bestseller.

New York City

Meredith Bernstein Literary Agency

Meredith Bernstein @mgoodbern · 17 Oct 2018

#MSWL- looking for a book that tells us / me why there are people we hear/learn about /see.. or are exposed to that we fall in love with by virtue of the talent/charisma/brilliance they exhibit. Bring them to me. I surely have my own list.

Meredith Bernstein @mgoodbern · 12 Sep 2018

As it’s #MSWL day, I’d like to find several things in my inbox: hypnotic family saga(multigenerational ); psychological suspense with wit and insight; love story with big emotional twists. And any truly platform driven non-fiction. Send it!!

Meredith Bernstein @mgoodbern · 12 Sep 2017

Just going out with new project today! Seeking #MSWL quirky/unusual settings and fresh voiced characters I can't let go..
Dying to meet them

Meredith Bernstein @mgoodbern · 16 Aug 2017

#MSWL-seeking books with quirky voice like Eileen or Eleanor Oliphant or Goodbye Vitamin. In a crazy world I need a fun read. Save me💪🙏

Meredith Bernstein @mgoodbern · 8 Feb 2017

#MSWL-seek unusual/memorable voice and style. Adult or YA contempt or historical fiction.

Meredith Bernstein @mgoodbern · 30 Jun 2016

Make me cry:seeking heartbreaking or heartwarming love story with characters I won't forget #MSWL