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Literary Agent, New Yorker, Husband, Dad (not always in that order). NYU Prof, HSG Agency, K-Pop, Ska-Punk, Drummer

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Josh Getzler @jgetzler · 12 Jul 2018

Postscript to #pitchfest: We NEED some female villains--really badass ones. Why is it that every time a brilliant general/CEO/whatever turns out to be a criminal mastermind, it's a dude? #MSWL @HSGAgency

Josh Getzler @jgetzler · 8 Apr 2018

My wife and I were talking about underrepresented but fascinating settings for novels. We kept coming back to Egypt. Non-Pharoah. 20th/21st Cens good, but earlier too. #MSWL

Josh Getzler @jgetzler · 12 Sep 2017

While I'm here, I'm looking for either an adult historical novel from an unusual era/place, or MG/YA fiction centered on K-Pop. #MSWL

Josh Getzler @jgetzler · 26 Apr 2017

2/2 Probably a US fan goes to a show, gets into trouble, meets band (or otherwise hijinx), #ownvoices best. Shows were awesome. #MSWL #KPOP

Josh Getzler @jgetzler · 26 Apr 2017

Having now seen @intexolteam and @bts_bighit in the past month, I am sure that a #KPOP middle grade (or YA) novel would fly here. #MSWL(1/2)

Josh Getzler @jgetzler · 8 Feb 2017

Ocean's Eleven style ticking clock caper (adult or MG) #MSWL

Josh Getzler @jgetzler · 8 Feb 2017

Historical Novel in Europe with Palace Intrigue and great antagonist. #MSWL

Josh Getzler @jgetzler · 17 Jan 2017

Would love MG or YA K-Pop novel (a group on the road, or American kids (particularly girls) DEEPLY into K-Pop). #DaughtersAreObsessed #MSWL