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Gemma Cooper @gemma_cooper · Jan 13

That also means I can open to submissions again! Please send me your swoony YA, your high concept chapter books and all your MG:

Gemma Cooper @gemma_cooper · 8 Feb 2017

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy for MG #MSWL

Gemma Cooper @gemma_cooper · 8 Feb 2017

YA/MG with a unique way of telling your story - non-linear narratives, novels in verse, multi-POV, letters, illustrated novels #MSWL

Gemma Cooper @gemma_cooper · 8 Feb 2017

MG fantasy with strong voice and smart humour #MSWL

Gemma Cooper @gemma_cooper · 8 Feb 2017

Always looking for animal POV for MG and chapter books - funny or heartwarming or animals going on adventures #MSWL