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Lilly 😷 @WonderLilly · Feb 5

I am technically closed to submissions right now, but I can't get over how challenging it was for one of our pubs to find an African/diaspora picture book artist (they didn't). So now my door is wide open to African artists because that is frankly absurd. #MSWL #kidlit #art

Lilly 😷 @WonderLilly · 1 Feb 2019

THANK YOU to all who responded to/shared my #MSWL from yesterday. I'm still buried in post-#ALA work, but the plan is to formally reopen to submissions in early March. Please keep an eye out for more on this! I am excited to learn what you all are writing!

Lilly 😷 @WonderLilly · 31 Jan 2019

If you wrote the children's book you wish had existed when you were a kid, about your culture, about your language, about your country, please reach out to me. I'm not formally open to queries right now, but I'm on a mission. #MSWL #ownvoices #weneeddiversebooks #kidslit

Lilly 😷 @WonderLilly · 31 Jan 2019

As a child, I didn't fully understand my ethnicity, so I would try to group myself into more widely-recognized nationalities. Would love to see a picture book manuscript touching those themes #MSWL #kidslit #publishing #writing

Lilly 😷 @WonderLilly · 4 Nov 2017

Picture books about fascinating figures from Middle Eastern history, especially women #mswl #Iranian #literaryagent

Lilly 😷 @WonderLilly · 4 Nov 2017

Illustrated gift books by someone recognized/related to the topic (ie. not just an awesome idea!) #mswl

Lilly 😷 @WonderLilly · 4 Nov 2017

Picture books, middle grade, YA with Iranian kids, not centered on the Revolution era #mswl

Lilly 😷 @WonderLilly · 4 Nov 2017

Picture books, MG and YA with characters of Middle Eastern descent that don’t focus on religion #mswl