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Zoe Sandler @zosandler · Sep 13

The #Riverdale gang is BACK! Get all the details on season 2 in our Fall TV Preview: https://t.co/yHLi5nI74m 🙌 https://t.co/gNjWVKle6O

"If #GossipGirl married #TwinPeaks and had a kid, it would probably look a lot like #Riverdale ." - @EW Yes! #MSWL c… https://t.co/VMg2IMu9bh

Zoe Sandler @zosandler · Sep 10

A Halloween store just went into the old funeral home location and I'm p. sure this is how you start a horror franchise

@andrhia Yes! Also: #MSWL . 😵

Zoe Sandler @zosandler · Aug 17

He met his true love while chasing eclipses. Now they chase them together https://t.co/EPGS9C19ge

Swoon. Also, they live in Arizona Sky Village, "designed for astronomers who want to make observations with minimal… https://t.co/YJXymAbIzq

Zoe Sandler @zosandler · Jul 27

I just found out my grandfather was a post-WWII cemetery architect in England. Now I want a novel about a cemetery architect. #MSWL